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We are playing TF2! #218

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Family business edition
OLD THREAD: >>40222092

Pony maps, sprays, and micspam!
Reskinned vanilla maps (with mares) by our very own anons!
Come relive the heyday of pony TF2 with your friends from /mlp/!

Visit our official website to check out the server info from your browser:
If you'd like a custom icon on the scoreboard, post your Steam ID and attach your desired icon in the thread.

Server IP: OR (NEW IP)
Password: check filename
Map downloads (extract the .bz2 file, then place the .bsp file in /tf/download/maps):
Check server status: or
Player stats:
Download demos from matches (request demos in the thread):
Website for making in-game sprays:
Micspam guide:
Pony mod collection:
Pony model replacements with voiceovers:
Pony war paint texture mods collection:
Having trouble with sprays showing up in-game? Put the following in the developer console or your autoexec:

Active hours: 7-9pm EDT to 12-4am EDT (32-64 players)
Custom MvM also available for early hours (42 player limit) and Deathrun/Versus Saxton Hale/Prop Hunt/Dodgeball/Warioware/Parkour Fortress/VScript shenanigans for after-hours.

This server uses a plugin that changes the stats of some weapons. See for more info. All reverts except for the old airblast are active by default, and most reverts can be toggled in-game.

Consider installing mastercomfig if you have frequent frame drops, bad hitreg, poor network connectivity, or are new to the game. See for easy installation. It is STRONGLY recommended that all players install some preset of mastercomfig since TF2's default netcode settings have not been changed since 2007.

THERE IS NO DISCORD SERVER OR EXTERNAL CHATROOM ASSOCIATED WITH THIS THREAD. All information regarding the TF2 general is – and will always be – contained in these threads. Any post mentioning "the /mlp/ TF2 Discord" is a troll and should be ignored.
/vg/-style chatroom-posting is OFF-TOPIC and should be reported as such.

/mlptf2/ videos playlist (highlights, karaoke nights, Anon Fridays, etc.):
/mlptf2/ intro:
/mlptf2/ New Years (2023 edition):
/mlptf2/ 2-year anniversary:

No one is judged for being new to the game, and skill level across the playerbase varies.
Join the fun!
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Who is snoberry/qeachiqoq?

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Anyone know who this artist is? Her bio says she does MLP stuff but she seems to only recently have done that; beforehand she did furry stuff.

I found a thread that said she was toxic af in the furry community, but thats about it.

She has supposedly been around for years, yet still has a very small following, anyone know her story? Her stuff looks interesting but idk about her reputation.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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gave your shit show an entire season
>all jokes are done to death tropes
>all plots are shitty "morals" that are identified within the first 2 minutes of the episodes and LITTERALY SPELLED OUT TO YOU at the end
i don't get it. Lee was right, Barny tier slop

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Dolly Doll
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T:EM/P/O № 90 - Vaporwave edition

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Welcome to Thread: Equestrian/Musicians/Poets/Other, T:EM/P/O, or Tempo.

A conglomerate of content creators since we couldn't keep our own threads up alone. If you're working on something, be it musicfagging, writefagging, drawfagging, poetfagging, craftfagging, or game-devfagging come by and post for some feedback or give some of your own. If you want to start content creating why not start today?

Previous Thread:

Resource Bin:
Tempo Music Archive:

Drawing Rooms:

Current /bale/ thread (also check /r/BaleShack on cy tube for streams):

PPP thread for all your AI-generated voice needs:
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Boner is kill

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>What are yew doin’ on mah property, BOY?
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Latex Thread

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I'm starting the thread at 4am edition

also taking draw and edit /r/equests
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Fluttershy Thread

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Summer Swim Edition

For those seeking any and all things Fluttershy.

>/shy/thread Ponepaste (includes the OP, writefag list, writefag request bin, and all current/completed stories)

>Collaborative Fluttershy playlist (request for new content to be added in the thread)

>/mushy/ Musical mixtape (request for new content to be added in the thread)

Previous thread: >>40052579
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Submission is Mandatory #118

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Previous Thread (#117) >>40044879

Humiliation as a service.

>What is this thread about?
This thread is dedicated to stories that have clear dominate and submissive roles; both with and without consent.

>What exactly is welcome in this thread?
A wide variety of stories are welcomed here; from non-consent and sexual slavery, to abusive manipulation and psychological domination, to maids and extortion, and even healthy consensual relationships with BDSM role-play elements.

Other variations are welcome as well, so long as they are complementary to the domination/submission focus of the thread.

Up to date archives:
Thread story list:
Thread list:
Unsorted oneshots/prompts/unfinished greens:

Outdated archives:


Historical Note:

This thread was originally founded to support the “Submission is Mandatory” story by MrNameless. While the story has gone on hiatus, it’s content is referred to by a number of stories in this thread.

Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless (Recommended)
Nightmare Moon summons Anon to defeat the EoH. In return, she grants him ownership of the Mane 6.

(Non-Canon SiM Expanded Universe Stories)
Octavia POV (Recommended)
Other Stories -


Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin. Use
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with


Active stories:

Last updated in the previous thread (#116):
>Untitled by ManicQuil
Ponies covered in latex.
No ponepaste.
Starts here: >>39969525
End of the last update >>40033317

Last updated in #115.3:
>The Carat and Stick by RapeApe !bwwXn5Gx.o
Cadance forces Rarity onto medifag Anon.
End of the last update >>39904641
>A different side of Fluttershy
Start here >>39798228
>Bunch of AI generated oneshots
Start here >>39886847
Kirin slavery
Start here >>39958711

Last updated in #114:
>Untitled oneshot from another thread
Ambushed princess
Start here >>39769899

Last updated in #113:
>Untitled oneshot
Start here >>39605383

Last updated in #111:
M6 maid training.
Start here >>39312037

Last updated in #107:
>Untitled green from a different thread

Last updated in #106:
Prince Anonymous starts building his harem of mares.
End of the last update >>38873128
>Untitled one-shot
Dash is getting punished.
>Untitled one-shot
Description of wearing latex in the sun.
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