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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Relax and take it easy.
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Little Witch Academia

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Episode 3 in just 2 days, the japanese saw the episode early and it looks pretty good.

2ch episode 3 pre-screening impressions:
>Very fun. Lots of animation. The action was on par with the movies. My only concern is that I hope this episode won't be the peak of the show.

Twitter episode 3 pre-screening impressions:
>Amazing! This episode made me think "THIS IS TRIGGER!"
>Full of sense of speed. It was running around all the time. Akko was flying! It had exciting acrobatic action that you wouldn't expect from a witch anime! And the action was awesome! Constance finally appeared! She didn't talk but her personality came across well! It was waku-waku so don't miss it.
>LWA 3 preview impressions: it was the most Trigger-like episode so far. I had a lot of fun. Diana...
>It was the best! I would even recommend it to people that didn't watch episodes 1 and 2. It felt super-Trigger! Diana is so handsome I fell for her! And the movie characters finally appeared, they're so cute!
>LWA 3: exciting episode! The animation was great and the story was hot! Diana is a total ikemen! Akko was cool! A must watch if you liked Kill la Kill! Everyone is so lively, too.
>So fun it went by in a second. Amanda is too cool.
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Yuri!!! On Ice

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Russia arc when?
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Relax and take it easy while you get your waifu drawn.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Vegeta status: Still a jobber
Black status: Still best boy
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JoJo Thread

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Since Part 7 had the return of Dio and The World, and Part 8 had the return of Kira and Killer Queen, should we expect the next parts to have the villains and their Stands to return as well ?
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Monster Musume

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With the vampire arc still not concluded, I'm really starting to miss chapters like these
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Anno is an unoriginal hack

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These two are literally prototype Kaworu and Shinji.

Why is Anno such a hack?
He's only capable of writing the same characters over and over again. No originality.
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