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Is Girls und Panzer the only anime where the entire main cast is comprised of INFJs?
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Will this fill the void while I wait for more Dragon Ball?
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Girly manga for men

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>read shoujo manga
>the female MC is fawning over a guy that's a huge jerk that insults her constantly and treats her like a child
This shit is great. Shoujo manga is for men. Prove me wrong.
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What are your favorite pre-existing songs that were used in anime? Here’s mine.
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Working is the greatest SOL of all time.
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halfway through s1. man this shit is comfy bros. what else is this comfy?

Killing Bites

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Will this Chad make Hitomi and Yuki his Sex Slaves?
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Gegege no Kitaro

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>damsel escaping with damsel
What did they think would happen?

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What a masterpiece
I teared

Should I spoil myself and read the manga or wait for 2nd season?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Reminder that endgame is Round 3.
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