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Kingdom Storytime Volume 32

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Millions of years have passed since the times of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same. In these times it was the desires of man that moved the world. It is the era of the 500 year war: The warring states period. Kingdom is the story of a young boy named Shin who grew into a great general and all the trials and bloodshed that lead him there.

Vol 1-10 >>230083782
Vol 11-20 >>230572751
Vol 21 >>230599164
Vol 22 >>230637267
Vol 23 >>230671957
Vol 24 >>230703314
Vol 25 >>230734669
Vol 26 >>230767675
Vol 27 >>230838728
Vol 28 >>230868444
Vol 29 >>230908834
Vol 30 >>230947916
Vol 31 >>231014942
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Yuuki Yuuna/YuYuYu

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Surprising that no one's talking about how different Karin and Mebu's '''talk''' was in the anime than in the LN. In the LN Karin is outside the wall looking for clues that might help her to help Yuuna, she ignores the Stardust that are there, she already knows about the Sentinels and their mission thanks to Sonoko, her and Mebu's fight only lasts for a few minutes and she doesn't get anywhere near as much emotional resolution from it and it ends with:
>"There are some guys I want you to meet".
>"A bunch of softies and optimists. Two of them were close friends of that Minowa Gin, too".
>"...I see. That does sound like there would be a lot to talk about".
>As the two primary candidates in inheriting her terminal, Mebuki and Karin were apparently close to Minowa Gin mentally. Mebuki wanted to know what kind of person that girl was.
>"Well, see you".
>"See you too".
>Karin jumped off from the wall and disappeared into the distance.
>Mebuki saw her off in silence.

They seem much friendlier with each other and more emotionally matured in the anime.
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Boku no Hero Academia

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>I have many friends

Hagakure is not the only traitor in UA. At this point besides Aoyama even Vlad King, Nezu, Monoma, Shinso and Pony can be traitors too.
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One Piece

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Who did Kaido fuck to produce this gorgeous beauty?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Is 18 a good wife?
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SYD thread. Time for a new era?
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The thread where we post a single page from a manga.
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One Punch Man

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God has arrived
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You're in hell, and forced to watch one for eternity.

Choose your poison

Will his Bankai sate the anticipation built up over the years?

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And what would you make his Bankai if you were Kubo?
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