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I'm sensing a trend
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Do you prefer cowtits or DFC?
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Youjo Senki

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SHOKUN will you give your worthless life to Tanya?
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I'm finally drinking the monogatari kool-aid
I won't blog, but I'm liking it a lot

My only issue, and I'm sure this is common: How much of the writing/humor/cleverness totally lost because I can't read/speak moon?

Is the significance overblown? Or does it add another dimension to the writing? Are the LNs translated decently at all?
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Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv

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Remember that Melvina is super cute! Say something nice about her.
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Request art, get art (maybe)
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Kemono Friends

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Five days and 14 hours until the next episode!
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This is Emiya Shirou

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Dragon Ball Super

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Is there literally no one else in the known Universe they could've picked that's still alive?
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Left or right?
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