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wtf Goku that's your GRANDDAUGHTER!
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New chapter in about 30 minutes.

Will Loid kill the dog or will we get cucked by a extra chapter?
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One Piece

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What are Sanji and Nami talking about? And why are they laughing?
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We /threadless/? I can never recall if an episode is in a few hours or in 24+those few hours. Therefore...
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Chainsaw Man

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I just read this and I’m fully caught up. I’m surprised how much I liked it. What’s her problem though?
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Press 'F'

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Toaru Railgun

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Holy shit, I finally found her lads!
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What's the most poorly-animated fight scene you've ever seen?
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Kanojo, Okarishimasu

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What is it about Chizuru that makes her so attractive?
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