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Dragon Ball Super

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Next episode is looking pretty nice.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Literal who becoming super saiyan 2 in only 2 (TWO) episodes
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He said it
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Which one?
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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>157658286
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Samon-kun wa Summoner

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End come soon...
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Fuck you guys. Altair is great no matter how autistic she is.
Her REEEs only make me harder.
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/a/ character chart - Last thread

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Previous thread: >>157712422
We already completed the chart, the only thing left is to fix some character's position and we are done. This will be our last thread.

Some of the last updates had a problem with the color gradient, it's now fixed.
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Magi 351

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This is your final boss tonight.
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I can't believe the humans lost. Because, well, filthy communists aren't human, so you can't call the villagers human. And the only people that embodied the free human spirit were brutally killed. Is this the only anime where the villains win?
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