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Real talk, dudes. Kagome is a top anime babe and there's nothing you can do about it.
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What went wrong?
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This ruined FSN powerlevels.
Original (Archer>)Gil>Unnerfed Saber>Basakah>Archer>Cu>Medea>Nerfed Saber>Medusa order was better.
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Darling In The FranXX

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Why is the Manga so good lads? Also, what changes do you want to see in the Manga?

Just don't wish for Hir02 to survive because you all know very well that won't happen
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Hero Academia

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He just couldn't stop at the story huh? Now Horikoshi is ripping off even the covers of Naruto.
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well that was ass

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Prisma Illya is a very perverted show and I do not think it should be allowed to be. It's immoral.
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Iconic scenes in anime or manga.

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Post em /a/.
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Kuma Miko

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Machi was too cute for this world.
I dropped this fucking show by ep. 8 or 9, it all started like a nice dream and with each episode it devolved into a fucking nightmare.
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She love been seen didn't she?
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