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How do we solve the cake-alcoholism problem?
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>Never reached the highs of the big 3
>Was surpassed in sales by JJK and KnY with less volumes
>Is considered inferior to BC even by e-celebs and normies
What went wrong?
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ITT: poorly describe an anime, other guess

>Why would I fight the villains when I can talk to them instead?
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Houseki no Kuni

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>176 days without chapter
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Post the objectively best girl of her series.
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How does she remain best, while defying all the slander?
> Pleases old men
> Is bisexual
> Frequently shits herself
>Looks like a rhino
All these fabrications made up by worm keks to try to take her down a notch and it never works
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Did Miura actually save berserk by removing the ship fags with one fell swoop?
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Evangelion 3.0+1.01

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>At the time, Mr. Tsurumaki instructed me to simulate a father and son who would continue to fight each other thoroughly, forever, even after their bodies were lost, for eternity, in a space-time beyond which it was no longer clear what had become of the world. The End of Everything


Would this have been kino if it happened instead?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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>Shiggy vs Redestro will get the same treatment as the Endeavor vs Nomu fight because it happens right at the end of the season
>The soundtrack that just got leaked for MVA sounds amazing
We won, villainbros
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