Boku no Hero Academia

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Why doesn't my hero academia have a specialist class?

Characters like monoma, aizawa, shinso, and all for one make far more sense in a specialist class than whatever class they're currently placed in.
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Dragon Ball Super

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It's Kefla time
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This is my wife, Okita. I love her very much and I am going to make a family with her someday.
Who is your wife anons?
fuck 3d, disgusting shit
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buyfag thread

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Eden's Zero has four (4) chapters out now, with the latest one introducing a major mystery. What is your opinion on it until now?
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What's the last show from your backlog that you completed, and what's the next show you're going to watch/are watching?
>Just completed
Cross Ange
I was expecting it to be a dumb show with ok fanservice. What I got was one hell of a ride, and I loved it. Wish I had seen it with /a/
>Watching next
[email protected]
I like Idols, but I really really dislike self insert mc's. So I am a bit skeptical.
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Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

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Why is Maruko so cute?


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Where the fuck is chapter 77 already?
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Gotoubun no Hanayome

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