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Should JC idols sleep with their producer?
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Detective Conan

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Gosho just dropped the name of the Black Org and the guy/family/original boss behind it
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Where were you when we finally found out the identity of the boss of BO?
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

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If a kettenkrad moves at the speed of light inside a train moving at the speed of light, does it mean the kettenkrad is moving at 2x the speed of light?
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ITT we discuss what in the name of hell this thing is.

What is it?
Is it a mammal?
What does it eat?
Is it a mutant?
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Fate Apocrypha

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>Loves kids
>Cat girl

How is Atalanta evil?
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Hunter x Hunter

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Can we have a HxH thread? Now when the manga is presumably coming from the hiatus.

Also what kind of asspull is Kurapika going to pull to get his years back? I assume he is going to spend most of his years before this shit ends.
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Osomatsu san

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So does anyone really have any hope that the new episode is going to be any less mediocre than the majority of the other episode s so far? Because in all honesty my expectations aren't that high
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is this the pinnacle of isekai?

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also how come a garbage like death march can get an anime while there's no sign of any animation projects for pic related?
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>watch a few episodes of an anime
>think its pretty good so far
>hey look, another interesting anime
>watch a fe-
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