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Boku no Hero Academia

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Does Ochako's figure remind Deku of his mother?
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Yuru Camp

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OVA #2 confirmed
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Darling in the FranXX

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When is Kokoro going to get pregnant?
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Darling in the FranXX

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Why is NTR so prominent in DITF?
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Don't know what the fuck happened to the last thread (there's actual discussion now) but

Here's the new chapter.
Toppo and Dyspo fight Goku, Toppo tells Dyspo that Goku hides forms way stronger than that and bunny gets angry and starts fodderizing Goku, Toppo attacks and wrecks him but Goku notices Hit is in trouble fighting Jiren, so goes SSGSS and rush to Jiren. Toppo and Dyspo follow him but Jiren says it's okay for him to deal with this alone.

Hit jobs.
Then Goku jobs.
Then they combine their strength in an incredibly powerful tag team of GoD tier candidates fighters from twins universes. And they job too, but at least Hit saved Goku's ass before being ringed out.

Also Hit goes El Golpe Desnudo and uses his new technique, Time Shit, that was saving until now. During the tournament he wasn't using his time hax powers, he says he trained himself to not rely that much on Time Skip after his battle with Goku.
Also Goku mentions UI.

>-What's the matter?
>+There's yet another wall to break.
>-"Wall"? You mean something beyond Blue..?
>+Yeah, something like that.
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Märchen Mädchen

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The anime was so shit that it killed the franchise.

>StoryWorks writer YĆ«ichi Kadota posted on Twitter on Thursday that the fourth novel volume of late author Tomohiro Matsu and artist Kantoku's Märchen Mädchen light novel series will be the series' climax.

>Additionally, manga creator Kiyotsugu Yamagata also announced on April 3 that the Märchen Mädchen manga adaptation of the light novel series is also headed toward its climax.


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Do people actually like this kind of body?
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Shingeki no Kyojin 104

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Holy fuck, this was brutal, a nice end to that bitch
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What's Violet's character archetype?
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Anime when?
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