Little Witch Academia

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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>the next clannad they said


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How come every time a new chapter comes out, we always go balls deep into some asinine theory that just happens to work out?

When Araki pulls something more simpler, we'll just be disappointed because we kept putting clusterfucks of minor details together into one megaplot that'd blow your mind if you never thought about it.
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ITT: We post girls who would enjoy anal.
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All the Isekai shows are mainly characterized by dumb MCs that don't really do much. If you ended up in the KonoSuba world what would you feasibily do?no rape
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I wanna be the twintail.
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Best anime

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What is the best anime and why is it Welcome to The NHK?

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Why is the ending of Evangelion considered controversial?
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Post films or series that people pretend to like.

I'll start
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Flip Flappers

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Papika a qt puppy
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