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shingeki no kyojin

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>love someone inside the walls
>I can't face MY FAMILY right now
>go to YOUR FAMILY, why leave yourself with nothing but regrets
>if there is another way ,(to save her), then tell me hange
what are other hints about eren being the father /a/?
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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters dub

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I've been watching the English dub and honestly it's not as bad as I've been led to believe. The Shadow Realm is a cool concept. Joey's Brooklyn accent is hilarious. Some of the dub tracks are really memorable like Kaiba's hacking theme, Yugi's transformation theme, the opening theme, Toon World's theme, Exodia's theme, Bandit Keith's theme and Obelisk the Tormentor's theme. I'm not sure how much nostalgia has influenced my perception however.

What are your thoughts on the dub?

Watamote 166

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Boku no Hero Academia

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Other spoilers out

>No. 247: Tell me! Your current situation!
>Endeavor: I’ll train you guys.
>Endeavor: But first, you two tell me about yourselves. I have no idea who you are.
>Deku: But… umm, I came here… that is… how do I put this…
>Deku: I got a secondary… like, my Quirk started manifesting in a different way that before…
>Endeavor: Show me.
>Deku: When concentrating and using my power at my limit… this is all I can control now. If I let out too much power it gets out of control.
>Endeavor: Tell me what problems you guys currently have. What you want to become able to do.
>Deku: I want to be able to control my power and become able to move at my best.
>Burnin: Don’t get smart with us!!
>Bangui: Shut up! Why are you even here!
>Burnin: I’m waiting.
>Bakugo: I was being serious, dammit.
>Bakugo: “Explosion” allows me to do anything I want to do! Even if I just have one thing I can become the strongest.
>Bakugo: I already know that being powerful alone doesn’t make you a strong person.
>Bakugo: I came here to find what I need to surpass the No. 1 hero.
>Endeavor Thinking: This kid…
>Endeavor: Fine.
>Endeavor: Now then…
>Shoto: Can I say something?
>Endeavor: I know my district so well I notice even the slightest unusual sound.
>Endeavor: I can get to the scene faster than anyone.
>Endeavor: And if there’s onlookers I keep them away with my heat so we don't get anymore victims.
>Endeavor: This is the very basics. Multitasking and moving fast. You have to normalize that.
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>3 seasons of pic related on netflix
What am I in for bros?
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Yumekui Merry

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Yumekui Merry is totally going to get a sad ending, isn't it?
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

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