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Boku no Hero Academia

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Today is the official 6th anniversary of MHA
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Oyasumi Punpun Volume 5 Storytime

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Dumping Oyasumi Punpun Volume 5

Here's arguably one of the most popular manga on this board (not counting the many ones that gained popularity through their anime adaptation).

>Punpun Onodera is a normal 11-year-old boy living in Japan. Hopelessly idealistic and romantic, Punpun begins to see his life take a subtle—though nonetheless startling—turn to the adult when he meets the new girl in his class, Aiko Tanaka. It is then that the quiet boy learns just how fickle maintaining a relationship can be, and the surmounting difficulties of transitioning from a naïve boyhood to a convoluted adulthood.

Previous volumes:
Volume 1 >>205284030
Volume 2 >>205340395
Volume 3 >>205386893
Volume 4 >>205439535
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女子小学生 is an aesthetic
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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>Was it worth it, Eren?
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Most overrated show of all time?
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Parallel Paradise ch.125 RAW, ch.50 ENG

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Latest dumps.
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Edens Zero 101

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SHY part 6

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Previous thread >>205452341

Last time, the battle between Shy/Spirits and Sveta/Kfufu got going in earnest though shy had trouble in dealing with Kfufu's unpredictability. Getting Shy's help to distract them, Spirits tried to evacuate all of the orphanage residents however as Sveta has complete control of her space all that happened was Spirits getting dumped right back in. Sveta then took control of them to anger Spirits with her heightened emotion allowing Sveta to absorb her power and fully regain her memories.

In the past she had been a single mother living in poverty and raising Pepesha only able to barely afford food. Getting angry with her daughter for not eating Pepesha declared that she was only wanting to see her mother eat something for once. Driven to despair, she still attempted to buy a cake to make it up to Pepesha, however a homeless man robbed her and pushed her into the icy river below where she sank to her death.

Now reborn thanks to Stigma's power, Sveta declared that she only wanted to make a world that was happy and safe for Pepesha and all the other children as Spirits' transformation wore off. However Shy jumped in to declare that her mother's kindness was what fueled Spirits and that Shy would return to Sveta the warmth she had once possessed.
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Rosario Vampire Season II Vol 1 Storytime

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The story continues where the first season left off only months into the future. Youkai Gakuen has been repaired and the new semester is underway. Tsukune and the gang are back, and more powerful than ever. Anti-Thesis's true identity is relieved. With new adversaries looming on the horizon, and something much more sinister than the gang has ever faced before.

Tsukune is battling with the monster inside him. With the help of Moka, Mizore, Kurumu, Ruby, and Yukari. Tsukune trains to get his vampire blood under control and the strength to protect what he holds dear.

The new season focuses more on the girls, their past, and their families. New confrontations await them. New friends and allies will join them by their side. Together they will discover the secrets of Moka's rosary, and her lineage...

Rosario to Vampire: Season II was published in English as Rosario+Vampire: Season II by Viz Media under the Shonen Jump Advanced imprint from April 6, 2010 to May 5, 2015. A complete box set (that includes the entire Rosario to Vampire series) was released on November 3. The series was also published in Italian by GP Manga from September 28, 2013 to September 5, 2015.

NEW OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHojVhh6k40

Season 1: https://pastebin.com/95NwNF2M

Download Season 1!!: https://nyaa.si/view/932665


>This manga has Netorare? it was the mom?
No, it´s a bit more complicated than that but the short and long answer is no, there is no NTR in this manga by any margin

>Why now?
its been almost 4 years since the last time i did this Story Time, and since the mangaka is making a new manga let's take a look at his last work, and let me tell you an story of a decent battle harem manga, the anime turned into shit by the second season just to sell some mousepads and pillows.

hope you enjoy
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itt experienced girls you'd love to stick your dick in

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give me all the std's! all of them!
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