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ITT: villains who felt no remorse for their actions
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PPC Royal Vegas Retreat

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Are any of you planning to attend? Have you purchased tickets yet?
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confession thread

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yadda yadda yadda you know how it goes by now:

> just get an adrenaline rush seeing people hate on fatties somehow. i'm not even anorexic or have an eating disorder but cosplay and lolita fatspo threads and cgl roasting them fuels me especially that fat canadian bitch in her tent sized replicas.
>'fatphobia' isn't real? it's just bullying and you're just fat
>the hugbox that lolita has become is appaling and we need to stop saying gatekeeping is a bad thing
>lolita becoming so overly easy access is more of a curse than a blessing imho but at least i have fun laughing at tik tok and dou yin itas in cheap plastic dresses thinking they're hot shit and have a say in the fashion
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Fictional lolitas you love

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ITT we post lolitas and itas from fiction/anime/manga
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Con Horror Stories

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Spooky month is almost here. Post convention horror stories and horror themed cosplay.
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Ohayocon 2022

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167 more days to go(?)

Registration open. Not sure about hotel blocks.
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Colossalcon East 2021: Surfin' the Delta wave Edition

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What are everyone's hopes/expectations for this con? Colossal Ohio didn't enforce masks, and the Kalahari gives zero fucks, so this could be a rare mask-free convention.
Personally I'm just looking forward to chilling at the water park and punishing my liver with as many $30 drinks as I can handle.
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room/decor thread

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can we have a kawaii/jfash inspired/aesthetic/whatever room and decor thread? been a while since i've seen one.
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Capsule wardrobes

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Angelic Pretty General: Nagoya Anniversary Edition

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Previous: >>10663558
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