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I am in a market for a new router that would support two ISPs.

-1. Two ISP with seamless switch between them as one of them LAGS
0. Gigabit
1. Active PoE
2. 10+ ports
3. Can run Pi-Hole

Budget is maybe $400. I have a mikrotic now (picrel RB2011UiAS) and it sucks balls, wifi breaks down, useless passive PoE and have to run raspberry pi to run pi-hole, except for the fact that it has a GOD LIKE UI/terminal. Having ugly limited scripts is also a bummer.

Any suggestions?
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Is there anyone who takes ethics seriously in tech (that isn't a freetard)?

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do /g/ incels really?
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No battlestation thread?

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I'll go first shall I?

Sadly mine is still consider to be a bit of a poorstation hybrid. So Rhianna won't be coming round and spreading her legs on my desk any time soon.

Let's see what you guys have?
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give your opinion on the T430
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So this... Is the power of the metaverse... woah
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the calculated attack on tech by faggots

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The LGBT cleverly designed their flags to be as ubiquitous as possible. They use complementary colors (they look good in pairs) that everyone uses together, ie: pink and blue, green and black, purple and black. They typically stick to those colors and those colors alone (No stars, crosses, objects). Their theory allows for them to co-opt as many combinations as possible, so every good color scheme has been accounted for.

As such, whenever you make a character or art piece with these colors (with no intention of playing for or against leftist ideologies), these "people" will crawl out of the woodwork and start howling in joy about how "Character X" is a "Y" icon. They have actually calculated how to mobilize degeneracy in the most unavoidable of ways. To top it off, it is extremely disrespectful to the artist.

I know there's a guy here who makes fashwave with FOSS tools. A perfect example of the phenomenon I'm talking about (that would relate to him) would be Krita:

The colors for Kiki were chosen before any mainstream leftist gender theory really got pushed at all. The colors were chosen simply because they just go well together.

Unfortunately, we can't just grill in piece. Here's some retard doing exactly what I just described:

You see? Even if you're not Applel or MS who feel obligated to cave in to leftist gender theory, your precious mascots will be utilized by crazed leftists against your will.

TL;DR: Degens have weaponized common aesthetics in order to attach themselves onto various, unrelated technologies.

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desktop thread
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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Read the sticky: >>76759434

>GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt
>Windows questions >>>/g/fwt
>PC building? >>>/g/pcbg
>Programming questions >>>/g/dpt
>Good, cheap, laptops >>>/g/tpg
>Cheap electronics >>>/g/csg
>Server questions >>>/g/hsg
>Buying headphones >>>/g/hpg

How to find/activate any version of Windows?

Previous Thread: >>84470138
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/dpt/ - daily programming thread

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what are you working on, /g/?

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