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What episode of Gundam Wing is it where WIng Zero does the spinning dance with both beam rifles?
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Gundam 00 pilots

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Which one of these precious bois is your favorite?
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It's that time of the year again!
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>Not snap shitter friendly
>Actually requires effort to look good
>Diverse build process
>Wide range of kits due to more IP access
>FAGs repeated btfo bandai's kitgirls
>Available world wide

Why have you not converted to the the actual Good Model Kit company(asides goodsmile)
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Hello there Lillins! I'm here for the family reunion with my daddy.
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Next Gundam anime

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What would you fags want out of the next Gundam anime? UC or AU or an AU sequel, where do you want the franchise to go and what radical changes would you like?
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/m78/ Thread: Sad Boi Edition

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>started as a cyberpunk mystery where the most bizarre thing was that the protagonist had a gun for a head
>now is shonen powerlevel bullshit where gun heads can turn their limbs into giant guns and shit and zip around at superspeed
What went wrong?
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Katoki's power over Bandai

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From new Unicorn Gundam manual
>Unicorn not part of Anime? Ok I'm gonna design it whatever the fuck I want
>Ughhh they discontinued my Ver. Ka box Unicorn. Ok. Bandai, guess what, we're going to make a 2.0 Unicorn so I can have my ver. ka label on the box again.