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So Discotek is making, AT LEAST, 10 new announcements on the 14th. Hopes? Dreams? Fears?
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You heard me right, Bright
I'm getting into Gundam and I won't be stopped
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Gundam AU

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What would you fags want out of the next Gundam AU? Personally, I want something akin to Turn A with the Gundam coming from a lost civilisation or a Gundam set in the far future.
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is Ninja Turtles: the next mutation /m/?
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Is Juushin Liger any good? The OP fucking rocks.

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Why do normalfags claim they "get" UC Gundam when they're not familiar with Tomino's body of work and their favorite entry is probably pic related?
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Dancouga BD

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Didn't see a thread, this is finally coming out.

Includes Requiem for Victims and Blazing Epilogue but not God Bless for some reason. And no sign if they took the video from the good Japanese BD or the bad one.
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