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For me it's definitely chiaki
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>you will never get to fuck a cute slavic girl in this outfit
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I was talking to Brendio and I realized why he's so happy (yes he is genuinely happy). He has transcended the system and "designed" himself the perfect mate. You see, his girl Tahlia is completely and utterly his. She doesn't actually have any free will. Everything she does is as Brendio intended. That's why he's going on all those YouTube shows and laughing at all the other people there. He has something way better waiting for him at home.

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How will you be celebrating St. Elliot's day, anons?
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What is your ultimate (egirl) fantasy?

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My ultimate fantasy is to be in highschool, with the body of audrey the aubwey. It would be a public school rather than a private school, so I'd get to enjoy going to school 5 days a week, and not stay at home listening to my dad yell. I'd have a lot of fun being with my boyfriend in the science period, copying answers from the back of the science book for our big section homework, and we'd be sharing his earbuds. We'd listen to stuff like those anime "masturbate to cartoons" songs, and the original macintosh vaperwave. we'd share short sweet kisses after we did a section, and he'd congratulate me saying "good job". somedays i'd get my mom to allow me to spend the night at his place, at his farm. he'd only live 5 minutes away from me. his mom would constantly be thinking we're fucking, but we wouldn't be. we'd just be watching a disney movie while calling each other cum dumpsters and n words. i'd take great pleasure out of his enjoyment of just looking at me, and having me be his; my chipmunk nose, my nice shorter hair, my durable (like durasteel from starbound, or hellstone from terraria) body, he'd have alot to touch and play around with. we'd cuddle and i'd be able to feel his boner rubbing up against me, and he'd be able to gather a pretty strong smell off me soon enough; as neither of us would of showered, and we'd be doing these semi-lewd things throughout the night so we'd both be pretty excited teenagers. (also guys, remember shogun 2 total war is free on steam, pick it up, last day to pick it up)
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Incel's paradox:
>"women are all sluts and whores"
>cannot get a girl to have sex with them despite their best efforts
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Strong Angel Thread

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Discussion about these strong angels

>which one do you prefer?
>how would you arm them for the upcoming civil war? Audrey with a K98k? Marky with just a knife and her black boots? Or is their beauty enough to kill?
>what part of these girls mogs audrey the most?
>who do you think is more dom?
>do you think these girls love barns?
which one would you rather repopulate the earth with?
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What should be the punishment for E-Girls who bank off of false advertisement?

>Oh look at me, I'm different, I like alternative things, I'm a weeaboo and a loser too.
>Ew get away virgin

E-girls are scammers who pick an easy market where the competition is slim. When they're all really just turbo-stacys with no heart, mind, or soul. Of course only really gullible or young men fall for it, but that's us, we need to stop it now.

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Hi r9k fembots, im a borderline failed normie chad and id like to use this time to get better at talking to girls so when things re open I can go clubbing and stuff and get friends and do fun stuff and sex with girls

Proof that I posses chad capacity, I have already fucked 6 girls each on occasions where I somehow tapped into some chad instinct. But most of the time im an awkward mess and come accross as borderline autistic.

Hi whats up
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The standards for men are so low these days because most millennial and gen Z men are complete degenerates. These days most women have careers and shit, whereas most men are either violent criminals or incel porn addicted manchildren living at home. Literally all you have to do is not have a gut, have enough knowledge of events in the world you're able to have a conversation, and are financially independent you're ahead of 50% of men. If you buy good clothes and have hobbies then you're top 25% and women will actively seek you out.
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