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Romancing SaGa 3 Patch FAQ
FAQ for people new to the series
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Sup /vr/? Ps1 finally arrived, cant play it yet though because I have to wait for the hdmi upscaler box to use it on my tv.

Either way this thing is fucking mint and I can't wait to play all my old games on it again

What are some games I should pick up for it? I already have the following

>road rash
>road rash 3D
>resident evil
>castlevania symphony of the night
>duke nukem: total meltdown
>gran turismo 2
>danger girl
>Rayman rush
>wwf war zone
>crash bandicoot 2
>crash bandicoot warped
>die hard trilogy
>metal gear solid
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Selling games? (try number TWO)

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Due to family shit, I've been away from home for about a week. The old thread died in that time, unfortunately.

Anyway, I'm back home now and using the same trip as last time, so people know I'm me.

I've just taken a few pics of SOME of the games I'm happy to sell. I should note that all of the games are in the absolute WORST condition that they possibly could be! I've taken them straight from (dry, smoke-free, but dusty) storage- put them on my spare bed and snapped them. Everything there would look a lot better just for a wipe with a cloth and most of the boxes could be smartened up with a bit of TLC; that kind of thing.

I'll start with the pic from the old thread-
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I'm in the mood for some spooks. What are some /vr/ approved horror games? Any platform or genre is fine.

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are these the ugliest kiosks in /vr/ history?

/vr/ comics

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post 'em

>Why the long face?

can't be the only one who read it like that
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Name a game that was made before you were born that you would still be enjoying even if nobody else in the world was into retro games.
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What's the best rpg on replayability value?
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normie stories thread

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>haha anon you have a Nintendo 64?? wow we're really into retro games too!
>let's play some goldeneye deathmatch I hear that game is really fun!
>how do you hold this silly controller haha

normie stories thread.
post stories, images, greentexts, cringe etc.
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Planescape Torment

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So gentlemen, opinions?
And before anyone throws a bitchfit, they confirmed the black outlines are an optional visual filter.
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