Retro games on the go - PSP or 3DS?

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3DS is now easy to hack and emulate older systems, so puts it on par as PSP. Which system is the better one for emulating 8-bit and 16-bit systems? Is the (N)3DS significantly more powerful?
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>FF7 Remake is just a FF7 skin over FF15 gameplay

Whelp nothing to see here.
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Update on byuu's 100 missing SNES games

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The package was located in a mail recovery center in Georgia, and it's been delivered. Byuu plans to offer full refunds to anyone who donated to him.

Do you think it's a scam, /vr/?
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What model should I be looking for if I want to pick up a ZX Spectrum?

I started out gaming on a grey +2 so that was my prefference due to nostalga and because the keyboard on the older models looks awfull. But I'm not seeing many of the grey ones, are they rare or something? Plenty of the black ones around though, I don't really care about the colour but I've heard Amstrad changed a lot of the parts and they can have some compatibility issues on some games. Is it a big issue or just a handfull of games most people will never encounter?

If the the black +2 is something to avoid, are the keyboards on the older models as bad as they look? And does having less ram limit my choice of games?

/ecg/ - E-celeb Containment General

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Who are your favorite reviewers or let's players of classic games, /vr/?
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FF7-10 AMA

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Rabid fan. Ask me anything, from tactics, to plotholes, to generic questions. I'd like to think I paid enough attention to these games that I could answer any and all questions.
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Animated Saturn chart

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It's time for another one of these, /vr/

Please critique, suggest games to add or swap, help me find assets I'm missing (like boxart), spot mistakes, etc.

If you hate the whole idea in general I can't do much for you other than suggest you stop the playback and move on.

My personal Saturn library is small and missing a lot of the greats, so I'm relying on your input for this one!
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Post games that will never be translated ever, and you wish you could play them.

Really wish I had it in me to learn Japanese.
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>in-game FF7 Cloud and Tifa treated mostly like a couple, even having sex in the game
>Aeris was a friend with a crush on him

>games/movies after main game Cloud ignores Tifa and they try to retcon Cloud and Aeris being in love

Why the fuck did they do this?
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