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>Ask people about their opinion of Final Fantasy IX
>"It's fantastic, no serious deal breakers, charming, top notch in every area"
>ask them if it's their favourite then
>"Well no, that would be [Insert any other Final Fantasy here]"
why is IX so respected yet unloved?
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Halo 1 on X360

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So this is a long shot but I don't think that anyone on /v/ is gonna help me so I ask here and if mods think that it's inappropriate just delete this thread.

I want to play Halo 1 but I don't have OG Xbox. Which version is better? Anniversary or emulated Halo 1 on Xbox 360? I heard that both have huge fps problems but maybe someone played both and has an opinion?

My PC is too old to run MCC. I might try Halo 1 pc port but it has some problems too. Please help.
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I want to go back bros
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OoT is one of the best games ever made and deserves all the praise that it gets.
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I understand nothing of either MMORPG or crypto but I remember hearing how one of the biggest problems in online RPGs was inflation. Would there be a way mae it possible to convert a certain quantity of in game money into crypto, thus removing it from the game?
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Retro Games that pushed the limits of their hardware
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The absolute STATE of coomlectors. Emulate, get yourself an everdrive or just buy a chink repro cart for $2 on Ebay.
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When did you realize videogames will never feel like when you were an impressionable child with a sense of wonder? Even when I'm playing classic retro games I loved or I missed I feel shallow
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handheld for GBA and SNES

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Hi guys, I tried the Anbernic 280v. It had flawless design but as I expected it stopped working after like 2 days.

The thing is there isn't on market right now what I need. I need a small handheld for GBA and SNES games (more on Castlevania and RPG games). Only chinese crap seems to satisfy that if it wouldn't break in days.

So I'm considering to buy a new DS or 3DS XL. My questions are:
1. can I inject games into them (GBA and SNES), so I won't pay 2k-3k in games?
2. where to buy? Gamestop is sold-out. Both 2ds or 3ds. They have the originals (not new or not XL) but since the price is about the same why not get a newer version.

More advice please! Except don't ad the chinese handholders. I'm done with them.
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