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What the FUCK was his problem?
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Any suggestions before I sew these on and make them permanent?
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ITT: retro games that younger zoomers (around 10 y/o) would enjoy playing
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Did someone know a game with a character like that (ilustrative image)


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Tomb Raider

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I just realized while taking a shit that I've never played any of the old Tomb Raider games despite being a boomer and enjoying the nuRaider games.

What's the best way to play them in this day and age?
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2000s geeen-orange-grey palette appreciation thread
I'll start
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Retro Waifu Thread

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Genesis Plus GX and BSNES: can they run at full speed perfect sync in a 3200G or should I buy another APU?

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I challenge you to explain what is actually wrong with Brutal Doom beyond
>waaaah, it's too edgy!!!

That's kind of the whole point
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