/rhg/ - Rom Hacking General #17

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:

http://pastebin.com/urs2AUgv (embed)

Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:



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Why is PS1 so much more complex to emulate than N64?
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Post the best/funniest/coolest/retardest/etc. box covers.

Mine personal favorites are this...
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Most a e s t h e t i c console

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Most a e s t h e t i c console debate. This is purely the design aesthetics of the console itself.

God Tier:

High Tier:
PC Engine/CoregrafxII
Neo Geo

Mid Tier:
Sega Saturn
Model 1 Genesis

Low Tier:
Playstation One
PC Engine Shuttle
Model 2 Genesis

Absolute Trash Tier:
Virtual Boy
Model 3 Genesis

Beyond Redemption:
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Considering that the term nostalgia was originally the name of a crippling mental disorder afflicting people with a desire to relive the past, how does that relate to how many people here view the hobby of retro gaming? Many are actively chasing the sensation of nostalgia, are they desiring to be mentally ill?
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last thread here: >>4106059
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Retro JRPGs with large playable rosters? Preferably not tactical.

I already know of Suikoden, Pokemon, and Chrono Cross.
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So... i just ordered some of those N64 boards to make repros, i wanna make me a Sin & Punishment so i can finally play it on original hardware.

I just need help finding a good label i can put on the cart, i just cant find a decent picture or scan i can print, i have access to a really nice HP color laser printer so thats not an issue.

TLDR need help finding a Sin & Punishment cart label.
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Lewd pictures that you could have sworn were not official
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where to get roms? emuparadise got fucked by nintendo
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