Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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Battlestation / Setup thread?
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Stop scrubclearing shmups.
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You dare make one of these for /vr/?

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What do you think lads? Can you think of 400 /vr/ characters that belong on this template?

I can't be in control of it myself as I'm not a shoopfag.
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/vr/ Leaderboards: Shmup Edition

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I'm just a regular shlub who likes to play spaceship shootin' games in my spare time. How does your personal best compare to mine?

First up: Dodonpachi
Score: 6,699,550

This is the Saturn version, arcade mode, no adjustments to difficulty or continues or anything

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Is it just me, or have 90% of the games from the fifth gen aged really, really badly?
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Sup /vr/. I decided I wanted to start a physical collection of every GB/GBC porn game. However, so far I can only seem to find 3 of them, and they're all by the same dev. I'm sure there's more homebrew projects and Japanese stuff out there?

If anybody has any information, I would gladly accept any help or information. I'm also trying to find a good place to make the repro carts for me, since the guys I contacted on aliexpress said they don't do custom orders anymore.
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are reproduction carts the future?

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i've noticed these things more and more in local game stores and i was wondering what /vr/ thought about them. as a collector i've been on the fence about them for a long time but i've recently decided i like them and i think they're good for the market. i think bootlegs can be cool to collect too.

what are your thoughts?
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PSX 2D Sprite Based Games.

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What are the best 2d games with sprite art on PSX that have aged well? Arcade ports welcome.
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I've played a few diablo clones - namely Marvel Heroes and the two Torchlights, but never the root series itself. Is pic related really as amazing as I've always heard it is?
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Sega characters that should have gotten the spotlight other than Sonic.
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