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Jfashion Stupid Questions Thread

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Ita Thread: Irredeemable Edition

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Men crossplaying increased

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A lot of girls tend to crossplay, but I've been seeing a significant amount of men now doing it, too. Guys unironically cosplaying girl characters. I assume the cosplay con community is simply getting bigger, but I've been in cons for ages. I never seen such a high amount of guys cosplaying as girl stuff than today. Even the guys ironically getting in girl uniforms or maid outfits seem to fit this trend.

What do you guys think about guys basically acting more like women in the convention space especially when it comes to cosplay. Lots of makeup, more flamboyant outfits, etc.
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Socializing General

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Last thread archived, time for a new one. Use this thread to discuss any experiences, advice, warnings, ideas, etc. that relate to interacting with your fellow costumed weebs at animu conventions.

Bonus question: What do conventions mean for you? There's a surprisingly high number of possible answers.
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Feels thread

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This thread is for sharing your feels.

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Post here only good cosplays.

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Those like below are doing a good job:

Some of them aren't in their best physical shape, but overall it is a good cosplayer performance.
I would rate them 9/10.

Brit, British, England thread. Summer season edition.

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So here we are, a new thread. We’ve had a few cons. They might have scratched the itch, but nothing is quite like it was. There are a whole host of summer cons right around the corner but no one seems to care!

Is there discord drama? Probably, you just don’t know. It’s either dead, a secret channel or a completely different server.

Here are some up and comers, literally stolen off a different website so excuse me if the dates are wrong or if it exclusively favours some no name cons you’ve never heard of.

The formatting will probably mess up, but I’m a filthy phone poster and I’ve had this written in notes ready to copy paste post as soon as the old thread dies but it keeps churning along. Let’s help it make page 10 and leave, it can take all the drama posting with it. Step into the light and be reborn for hope and joy (experience may vary) are right around the corner.
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Source material is minegold for cosplayers
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AI Jfash Thread

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make jfash with AI. craiyon, midjourney, stable diffusion, maybe even dall-e2. whatever you've got, let's go.

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