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Which one /g/?
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QNAP deadbolt exploit

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Can you recommend me a good phone for around $300? I was thinking of Moto Edge 20 but it doesn't have a jack. Not sure if that's a huge problem though, I could just use an adapter.
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Come home, white man

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What is the best current operating system on the market?
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I did it, I've installed Linux after using Windows for my whole life.
But somehow I feel like I fell for the meme.
What do I do now?
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/g/ tv shows & movies

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been re-watching the IT Crowd for the 4th time lately. Anything else like it?
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Why has no company attempted a closed source competitor to windows? I know there's macOS but that's specifically for their own hardware generally

Hire 100 decent programmers and git er done
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Come home white man.
Wine support.
macos built on freebsd
Playstation built on freebsd
easy hardening at install
bhyve if you need Windows kvm or others

why havn't you returned to UNIX roots yet Anon?
Do you enjoy being a Linux pedo?
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