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Why are malware writers so lazy?

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>get a suspicious email
>.pdf attached
Can't glowies put in more effort? What happened?

/lmg/ - Local Models General

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/lmg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of local models

►Previous Thread >>96379327 & >>96368867

>(27/09) Mistral 7B new foundation model by MistralAI
>(06/09) Falcon 180B released
>(04/09) llama.cpp: CPU only LoRA finetuning
>(24/08) Meta AI released Code Llama (7,13,34B with 16k up to 100k context)
>(18/07) Llama 2 released

►Model Rankings

>Main FAQ

►General LLM Guides & Resources
>Newb Guides
>aicg Newb Guides
>Llama 2 Jailbreaking Guide
>LlaMA Guide
>Machine Learning Roadmap
>Novice's LLM Training Guide
>Local Models Papers
>Quantization Guide
>lmg General Resources
>ROCm AMD Guide

►Model DL Links, & Guides
>Model Links & DL
>lmg Related Links

►Text Gen. UI
>Text Gen. WebUI

►ERP/RP/Story Gen.
>ERP/RP Data Collection
>LLaMA RP Proxy

►Other Resources
>Miku! (desu) (boku)
>Benchmark Prompts
>Additional Links
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/DAE3/ - DALL-E 3 General

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It's still /DE3/ but we can get banned If we dont change the title Edition

Previously on /DE3/: >>96397056

>What is DALL-E 3?
DALL-E 3 is a text-to-image model which is built upon DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT

>Try it:

>How does it work on Bing?
In Bing's Image Creator, "boosts" are used to speed up the image creation process, each user starts with 100 boosts. When you use a boost, the AI creates your image quickly. If you run out of boosts, the image waiting time increases, ranging from seconds to minutes.

You can earn more boosts by trading in Microsoft Rewards, which can be earned by doing things in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft will replenish Bing's Image Creator boosts on a "weekly basis", however they seem to regenerate in 1-2 days.

Without any boosts, you can still ask for images but they'll take longer to make.

>Prompt Generator

coming soon?

>150 image limit

Share prompts, have fun!
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/hifi/ - HiFi General

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We talk about everything that has to do with speakers, amps, dacs, sources, avr, home cinema, subs, acoustics, electrical engineering and other theory. We also like to share music links.

* Previous thread:
* This text:

Good and low cost devices follow.

Speakers passive:
* JBL Stage A130
* Elac DBR62
* Wharfedale Diamond 12.2
* KEF Q350 or R3

Speakers active:
* iLoud Micro
* Adam T5V
* Kali LP-6 v2 and IN-8 v2
* Neumi BS5P
* Genelec 8020D
* Neumann KH80
* Edifier MR-4 and R1280T (only with EQ)

* Used Yamaha R-S700 (receiver, power section like A-S701, pre-out/main-in, $200€, value champ)
* Used Yamaha R-N500 (receiver, digital inputs, builtin streamer, less than $200€, good value)
* Yamaha A-S 300/301/500/501/700 or 701
* Denon PMA600NE
* NAD C 316BEE
* Fosi V3 with 48V PSU (small)

* Topping d10s, E30, E30 II or E30 Lite
* Schiit modi+

* RPi 3A+ or Zero 2 or RPi4 with Moode (

DSP and calibr. microphone:
* MiniDSP 2x4 HD
* MiniDSP Flex

* SVS SB-1000
* Rythmik L12
* Monoprice Monolith 8 THX

* EQ APO, as well as the Peace Equalizer extension

* Floyd E. Toole: Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms, Third edition

Websites for measurements:

* Use EQ as an almost free upgrade to your speakers
* Avoid soundbars, you can get active speakers for the same money
* Avoid headphones, instead make sure you have physical bass and correct stereo imaging
* Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #141: Only Fools Pay Retail! Use Hifishark and price search sites
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/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General

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How to request advice:
>Intended use
>Sound signature (or genres you like)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them

>Where do I buy IEMs?
Amazon, Aliexpress, Linsoul, Hifigo, Shenzhenaudio, Keephifi

>Full Guide (IEMs, Earbuds, Cables, Ear Tips, PMPs):

>Budget Wire Over-Ear IEMs:
• 7Hz Salnotes Zero (bright neutral) - $20
• Tangzu Wan'er S.G (mild V) - $20
• Truthear Hola (bassy neutral) - $20
• BLON x HBB Z300 (bassy) - $35
• EPZ G10 (Harman) - $35
• TKZK Ouranos (mild V) - $55
• Truthear Hexa (neutral) - $80
• Simgot EM6L (Harman) - $110

>Bullet IEMs:
• Tanchjim Zero (bright neutral) - $15
• Final E500 (dark neutral) - $25
• Tanchjim Tanya [DSP] (bassy Harman) - $25
• Tanchjim One [DSP] (neutral) - $30
*[DSP]: optional USB-C and adjusted sound

>Flathead Earbuds:
• Blue Vido (warm neutral) - $5
• Yincrow X6 (warm neutral) - $5
• RY4S 32Ω mmcx Plus (V-shape) - $10
• NiceHCK EB2S (bright neutral) - $15

• U.S. Apple dongle - $10
• CX31993 / VE Abigail - $10
• AK4377 / CS43131 - $30
• Moondrop Dawn Pro - $50
• Truthear Shio - $70
• Qudelix 5K - $110

• Surfans F20 - $120
• Shanling M0 Pro - $130
• Hidizs AP80 Pro-X - $200
• Shanling M1s - $230

Previous thread: >>96339103
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Python's maintainers are now inserting politics into their release notes. What language should I migrate to?
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ffmpeg mpv yt-dlp

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- vo=gpu must go edition -
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There is a new virus out there. I tried everything with my school knowledge on computers to get rid of it, I took it to Geek Squad and they couldn't get rid of it. It persists and degrades everything. Has anyone seen this virus? This is an example - irrelevant email messages that pop up.

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So reality and ai are about to become indistinguishable.
>here's a video of someone killing your girlfriend
>no way to verify whether it is real
They cannot fathom what they have created

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Man this shit stinks.

If I had known how bad it was, I wouldve just used XFCE like a normal person, even if it is technically a little more resource heavy.
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