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What exercises for legs can I do with lca rupture, I'm getting desperate, 1 year without workout, gains are fading away.

Someone help please, I don't wanna die with this weak version of me.

>no healthcare
>18k surgery
>6k rehab
>19yr, unemployed
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Are these physiques natty and if so how do I achieve this mode?

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Becoming Acrobatic

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Hey fellow /fit/izens,

I have an honest question. What can I do to become more acrobatic? I would like to learn how to walk on my hands, do front flips off benches while going on city runs and increasing my acrobatic ability all together.

I already am in good shape, I would say approximately 9% body fat and in better shape than 95% of Americans, cuz America - Goes without saying...

Anyway, I live in Austin, Texas and all the gymnastic gyms that I have found on the internet are steered mostly towards children. I would appreciate any ideas, literature, Youtube channels that could help me become even harder to kill by becoming more acrobatic. Thanks in advance.

Have any of you taken psychedelics for mental health

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>in b4 moralist jew comments
Apparantly mushrooms have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Do any of you utilize psychedelics in your fitness regiment? If you do, how should it be done to reduce harm and maximize mental health benefits?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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Pic related edition
>Eat a tin of protons. Squid heavy. Pursue heavy objections. Have socks. Loft life. - Jam Wondlar

Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG

>Bro Tier (trying hard, having sex, loving life required)
5th Set (late intermediates)
5/3/1 (read Beyond or Forever)
Westside for Skinny Bastards
Madcow Intermediate (best for early intermediate)
Destroy the Opposition (J. Lewis)
Cube Kingpin
The Cube (+ Predator)
Conjugate (best in a good gym)
Spotoshot (bench only)
Texas Method 4-day Split Model from PPST.
Juggernaut Method 2.0 (a more periodized 5/3/1)

>Nerd Tier (must have IQ higher than bodyweight in kg)
RTS Generalized Intermediate
RTS Emerging Strategies
Nuckols Average to Savage
Nuckols 28 Free
GZCL (any variation)
TSA 9 Week
Blevins Skynet AI ($, but cheap)

>Meme Tier (might work if you love memes)
Candito 6 Week
Texas Method 3-Day
Texas Method Trappy Version
The Bridge
Smolov Jr.
Bulgarian/Bugenhagen Method
Heavy Light Medium (not a program, just a loose DUP template).
Slavic Swole
nSuns 5/3/1 (written by a 1200 total Redditor)
Hepburn (8x2-3s)

>Retard Cuck-Tier
PH3 (need a tourniquet to choke yourself, and it has a 100% injury rate)

*all of these programs work (except PH3), but the effort and attitude of the athlete is most important
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Get in here spooky bros.

It's Friday. Why haven't you gained weight this week?
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Stop fucking fat women

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If all of /fit/ would just reject fat girls that would help the cause a lot.
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Starting Strength LP Advice needed.

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Hey friends, I Just finished week 7 of my SS/LP routine as a beginner and am running into some problems having energy for Deadlifts.
Squat: 255lb
DL: 275lb
Bench: 165lb
OHP: 125lb
I'm finding that later in the week my Deadlifts are starting to fall to my squat level and sometimes even lower, I just can't get the bar up. It feels like my squats are just exhausting me hard. Anyone else face a similar issue when they were a novice? Any input would help, thanks everyone, together we can get strong.
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Old one 300+
Ask away gentlemen
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Goal Body

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Show me your goal, /fit/.
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