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I first started lifting to attract women, and it turns out I’ve been pursuing the wrong thing.

I’ve had sex with women, it just never really appealed to me and she just ended up doing the work.

Now, I see people posting fat fetish materials in /fph/ and if you post fat porn on /fit/ please kill yourself.

I lift so I can get a better body for my future boywife. Calisthenics made me ottermode, and I want to grow my ass so that my boywife can fuck me in the ass with my legs spread out wide. I lift so I can get fucked and sucked by a gay guy. I lift because gay guys should be protected.

It’s really sad that most of this board would rather fuck a fatty than have sex with a feminine, graceful boywife.

The duality of /fit/ is homosexuality vs gluttony, and I chose homosexuality EVERYTIME.

i like the male form on both spectrums, masculine or feminine, please fuck me in the ass.

Lifting past 30

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Is there any points to lifting past age 30? And I mean *lifting* like bodybuilding, powerlifting or oly lifting. at that point what’s the use in being strong and aesthetic? You should already have children and be married. At that age it just seems like it’s time to pursue triathlete shit, marathons and golf as your physical activity
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>1 million subscribers
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Guys, will this make me taller?

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I'm 5' 2 1/2" and I really want to be 6' 3"
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Never reveal your power level to your normie friends.

>Try to redpill my friends on good nutrition and supplementation of vitamins
>tell them to take 10k IU of vitamin D a day, especially during winter. Recommend them vitamin supplements from a site that sells them for livestock animals, since they are high quality + bioavailable + available in higher doses
>"Umm, anon, but you do know that vitamins at pharmacies are max 2k IU and that this is the recommended daily dose? Why do you take so much of it? And why do you take supplements made for livestock"
>"anon you do know that you are going to overdose when taking this much vitamins? Why would you take so much vitamin D anyway? Are you one of those tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists who take a lot of vitamin D and horse paste to treat COVID?"
>this is where I try to remain calm and just explain it to them that it's not harmful etc. and that vitamin supplementation helped me improve my life
>they just keep calling me a tin foiler for getting vitamins from a site that sells them for livestock
>I get angry and say that I'd rather take vitamin D than be like them: constantly sad, taking antidepressants, complaining about depression and threatening to kill themselves regularly
>say that anti depressants suck and that they are all fat lazy and unhealthy
>also say that going to the gym combined with healthy nutrition and supplementation of vitamins would help them with their problems a lot more than psychiatrists + anti depressants
>"Haha did you just recommend me to go for a run to treat my depression? You don't know anything about my problems! It wouldn't solve anything!"
>"Umm I just called some specialists who studied medicine and they all laughed at you, and said that you are going to die if you take this much vitamin D. I recommend finding a cardiologist soon haha"
>I say that I'm healthiest out of all of them + I actually got out of the depression, so they should listen to my advice
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Is cardio less efective if i take breaks?

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Like if i jog for 30 minutes but taking small breaks will i burn less calories than if i were to jog for less time but same distance and no breaks?
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MTF gym

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pic related is me

will people judge me in the gym as a transgender woman? I havent been in years due to anxiety but I really want to get in better shape. I am always paranoid that people will be able to tell and think im a freak :(

Anyway, what kind of workouts should I do?
ive heard good things about strong curves program from bret contreras, but i dont know if I should lose weight before lifting or not
(5'10, 175lbs)
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/fat/ - 239 pound edition

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>Who is /fat/ for?
For blubbering baboons who are working towards a better physique through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication.
This is not QTDDTOT, stick to questions on fat loss. Post height and weight when asking for advice.
Join our Fatty Contest:

>What do I do first?
1. Read
2. Calculate your Body Fat Percentage:
3. Calculate your TDEE:
Remember to use bodyfat% and use Katch-McArdle Formula with sedentary settings or your TDEE will be too high.
4. Plan your weight loss:
5. Track your nutrition with MyFitnessPal (better for packaged food), Cronometer (better for generic food/macros) or LoseIt (great for both).

>Now what?
Count calories, all of them.
Eat about 500-1000 less calories than your TDEE.
Buy scales, be accurate.
Learn to cook. Try to stick to lean protein and green vegetables.
Eat a lot of protein. 1g per lb of goal lean body mass.
Doing cardio, even just walking, will improve your health. There is no such thing as a healthy fat heart, but you can offset the risks.
Lifting weights will keep and gain muscle mass and burn fat much quicker. No lifting results in the body burning away muscle AND fat.
Drink more water.
Read the /fit/ sticky

Eat refined sugars, they're terrible for you regardless of calories.
Eat processed foods.
Drink your calories (alcohol, soda, starbucks).
Freak out over a weight loss stall. Plateaus can last up to three weeks.
"Reward" yourself. Cheat days cheat only yourself.
Be a retard.

>Other resources:
Loose skin, gyno & stretch marks:
Reddit wiki:
Last Thread: >>64507803
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