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/fraud/ - summer is here and we're all still too fat edition

read all of before asking your absolutely retarded questions. no exceptions.


previously on suicide cutting general: >>41918457
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Holy shit I hate vice
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boogie surgery / death

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missed the date ... when was it again?
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Is he the one? Have we found Chad Thundercock?
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/feels/ thread
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Just post whatever the fuck you want here. Fitness related would be great though.
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>tfw on 4 days of NOFAP and NOPORN

Going to blast through my workout later
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Tuna Daily

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So I hate the fishy taste of salmon, especially canned but I love mustard + tuna and black pepper with pickles.

I haven't looked in years about the broscience or real science of mercury poisoning from eating tuna daily.

>I eat solid white albacore even if it's a meme

If it ever wound up being true, what alternative do you guys go to for such great macros?

I've been shooting for 150g of protein a day without using shakes in order to feel full longer at night since i'm doing 18/6 IF.

I hate canned chicken because the texture is like rubber to me.
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This mushy peas macaque needs to be permanently banned.

Everyday I see threads where he is shilling his stupid veganism and taling shit to people trying to discuss real and effective diets.

This is a fitness board, not youe subhuman leaf eating echo chamber

I hate this broccoli baboon so god damn much.
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