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How do i fix me pls
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>tfw no friends
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whats the scoop on raw eggs?

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i drink 3 raw eggs per day
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Damn he’s looking good!!! Boogie’s actually going to make it isn’t he?
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For your convenience edition
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Opinion on gastric sleeve?

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Hahaha so true
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Has anyone ever accused you of taking steroids after getting fit?
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Mire Thread

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Post your most recent, or favorite, mire's to remind all the noobies that they will make it.

I just got home from doing an intense PJ Braun style leg workout, where one of the many exercises I was doing was leg press with a few pl8 on each side. Nothing crazy weight-wise, just good long negatives and explosive concentric movements for 12 reps per set, and between sets working on the angled calf press thingy which had 1pl8 on each side. Again, not trying to ego lift or go crazy on the weight, just doing picture perfect reps and holding the squeeze for 3 full seconds on each rep for about 20 reps per set.
Anyways, MILF bodybuilder chick with a built back and big set of fake tits is working next to me on the smith machine doing some random meme butt exercise with 25's on each side. After her set, she goes to use the calf press and adds one 25lb plate to only one side for some odd reason.
I finish my set of leg press then go back to the calf press and she looks me up and down, let's me know she added an extra 25lb plate and says "I'm sure you can handle it" with a grin on her face. I may be autistic like the rest of you, but I know the difference between a mocking grin and a horny one. This was the latter.
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