Planned outage this weekend.

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you guys told me lifting would cure depression but now im just depressed and strong. t-thanks
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fat hate thread, lets go
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dyel hell

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Is there even a way to get out of dyel mode without taking steroids or dedicating your whole life on lifting?
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/fat/ enlightenment edition

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Who is /fat/ for?
For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss but use that thread for general questions

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) (complex) (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones

>Previous Thread
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Did lifting fix your skin? My skin is awful and no amount of cleaning or moisturising helps. I have large pores and uneven colour that makes me look 10 years older than I am.
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What actually makes him unattractive. I cannot pick it. It seems as though he has decent features. He's got fantastic body but what is up with his face.
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Just incline db pressed the 40kgs for 5 reps

How good is this?