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So. I was having a shower... looked at my left tit. It was sagging. FUCK.

Started to search workout routines on youtube. But all smells like bullshit.

I´m overweight. Can I get rid of my fat man boobs with diet and excercise? (already lost 11 pounds)
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Do you drink juice?
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CalcSd just updated their site

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And guess what, the average penis size is even smaller than most thought, kek dick frauding is reaching illegal levels.

Looks at the volume. You can change the dataset before you cope with the asian studies argument.
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Has wood cutting been the answer this whole time?

what are some good /fitlit/ books?

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>pic related
"mens sana in corpore sano"
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day 2 of /nocoom/
already feeling more energized and happy
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This is my current body. Would cutting or bulking be my best option if my goal is purely to get a gf?

Pros of cutting
>slim beach look, probably will be180lbs lean
>look good with shirt off
>leaner face to make me less ugly facially

Cons of cutting
>have to cut
>will need to buy new clothes
>will look small in a t shirt
>low calories may trigger depression

Pros of keep bulking
>can work the dadcore look to impress younger women
>look big in a t shirt
>can size mog other men

Cons of keep bulking
>will get fatter
>face will get more bloated

Current stats
26 years old
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What it do /fit/ bros?
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>Be me, new dad
>Wife had our first son. Elated, amazing being a father. Exhausting but so rewarding.

>Fast forward 1 month, beginning to lose mind.
>New mom's can't have sex for like 2 months.
>Take out frustration during workouts. Train more and more after work.
>Feel slow increase in testosterone building up with each day.
>2 months in, still too painful for her. Should note she never gives blowjobs AHHHH

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Seriously considering it. In Bangkok right now. Talk me out of it.
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