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Lower bloated abs

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Do I just have shit tier genes or is there more to it? I've cut down to 6% BF, and all my abs are visible. However, while the top 2 are neat and inline with my body, my bottom two just protrude like a stomach. Its like I have a beer belly, bur just in that section. Yet I touch, press, and squeeze and its hard muscle, no blubber. At first I just thought itnwas stubborn BF, but I can literally see striations.
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>Am I still DYELmode??
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Why the Fuck are all you cunts trying to bring each other down instead of helping each other and not being dicks. Also there's a lack of memes.

Any recommendations on neck exercises and how often should I do them on a PPLPPLX?
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>tfw so autistic I don't even have 3 good photos for tinder profile and would have to use 3 creepy selfies
>no social media
>no pictures with friends, because I don't have any
>no pics doing anything exciting somewhere, because I don't


Is using a pic with a dog too cheesy?
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>Haven't played chess in 4 months
>Totally shit at chess now

>Didn't go to the gym for two weeks
>Lost momentum and strength now

>Same amount of money as January

>Body still looks the same

>Still no car

>Haven't read any of the books I had planned to read for over a year

>Haven't gotten started on the projects I had planned for months now

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ITT: Cringiest thing you do while alone at the gym.

Pretend im a WW1 soldier charging a trench while running sprints
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What does/fit/ think of archery? What's the most poundage people here can pull back?

t. Poundlet

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I need some advice from my /fit/ bros. I'm roughly 360-380lb and I've been trying to diet and exercise and I've been reading up on bulking and all that good stuff and figured I would start with bulking but I've got a problem. I've been bulking for roughly 2 months now and I feel like I've gotten more and more lazy and I barely feel like I can exercise at all for the day. Did I overdo the bulking or fuck up something here?

fat fuck general

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Boogie is a fat lying fuck. He has a breakdown on stream and starts crying about his wife leaving him. Days later he tells twitter that's it all a big misunderstanding, that she really meant a break from her 'diet', etc. Only problem is that he went into way too much detail about what would happen. His wife would stay in a separate room, then leave after the surgery and move in with her mother. He's now trying to cover his tracks. Hell, she even went out and fucked a black bull. He also has the nerve to lecture us on paying for his healthcare and demands that Obummercare stay intact so he can continue leeching off it. He's morbidly obese, has been that way for years, and has done nothing about it but bitch and moan about how hard his life is.
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The REAL reason to lift

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Reminder that lifting for girls is a meme.
Lifting to work your way to the respect of brahs and to beating the shit out of other brahs is the way.