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Height matt...

>dating 10/10 phd
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Stop eating.

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I fucking did it /fit/ I finally kissed and fingered a smoking hot girl, 22 years and I can finally say I'm not a kissless loser. Thanks to all of your great advice through out the years! Lifting for 2 years gave me the confidence I needed.
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Seriously what is her secret?
Skeltons need years to achieve this.
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>first 5k race ever yesterday
>my PR on the treadmill is 26m:14s
>expect to hit a sub 28m 5k at least.
>heavy rain begins few minutes before the start
>mud everywhere
>fuck up my brand new asics kayano 24 that I bought 4 days ago
>realize the route is full of hills
>29m:12s final time
>wake up today
>crazy quad doms
>can barely walk
>deep breaths make my lungs hurt

At least I tried r-right guys?
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/af/ - Aeshethic Face

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Can we have one of these so we don't have to be spammed with 10x different face threads every day?

So I was thinking that these threads could include everything related to face and facial gains. Think neck training, chewing, mewing, skin care, hair, neck hangs and redpills related to face.

I think these videos are worth watching: - Mike Mew - Mike Mew - XL Mew (1 hour long but worth it) Redpills (recommended to watch all three)

Neck training:
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Can I replace squats and deadlifts with split squats, leg press and hamstring curls?
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/fit/ is this accurate?
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I want to be able to physically pin down my boyfriend but he weighs 100 pounds more. What lifts will quickly make me stronger than him? Bench? I hate being weak.
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/QTDDTOT/ - Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Ask stupid shit instead of flooding the board with threads
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