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Has becoming /fit/ made you more lonely?

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It's almost impossible to socialise and be /fit/ it seems like. Training judo and bjj and lifting take up my week, my friends at uni on the other hand party pretty often. I can't even join in with things like smoking weed with them because I'll feel weird the next day and it affects sleep.
I feel great all the time because of how good my health is, but it feels like I'm killing all social life for the sake of being ripped
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Finally under 170

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Just clocked in at 169 exactly yesterday. Measurements and scale is saying somewhere around 16% bf ish. I'm positive that it's wrong though and I'm closer to 20-25%

How long till I'm lean bros? Original goal was 160, current goal is around 145

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which is the best alternative to sugar?

honey, coconut sugar, jaggery?
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Why are methheads ripped?

This isn't an anomaly either. When I went to san francisco, I saw this ripped black homeless man, who was bugged out, shredded like zyzz. Is meth a secret ped?
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Is Tren worth it?

I am about as weak as this guy right now, no muscle on me at all.
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I want to start doing weighted pull ups at home. I have a home pull up bar and some 25 pound dumbbells. Unfortunately it's a dumbbell with a rounded-ish end that makes putting my feet between the end difficult. Is it okay to put weight in a backpack and lift with that instead? And would it be better to put it on my back or backwards on my chest?
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perfectly healthy 16 years old edition
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Fraud General Australian Edition

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Welcome to Aussie fraud general /afg/ where we discuss Australia related compounds, dosages, availability etc etc.

Before asking questions, please be sure you've read the wiki:

Once that's done, make sure to include the following alongside your question:
>time spent lifting

Oral-only cycles shut down natural hormone production and put strain on the liver for small results. Just pin. If you're scared of needles, stop being a pussy or accept that you can't use gear.

Even as certified internet doctors, we can't tell you how to dose your AI. It's very individual.

Absolutely no source talk allowed.
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