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Did doucette get too cocky?

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Ive seen a bunch of his old fans start to turn on him and tons of videos calling him a retarded shill or dumb boomer who is just shitting out videos for money at this point like athlean x. What happened to doucette, he seemed like he was decent a couple years ago but now hes a totally different person. Even blaha BTFO this idiot.

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I'm one day without a cigarette. I'm going to make it.

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Hey. Why don’t I have abs despite being skinny as fuck? Got a Dexa and I’m 14 body fat
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Can big boobs and fitness ever go together?
Or do genetics and fat make that impossible?
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Breath holding thread

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Last two digits determine your goal in seconds. I can do just over a minute even though I can run 2K is sub nine minutes, which is above average for sure. Harder than I thought and apparently it's good for your health...
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alright /fit/ are you strong enough to throw a rock really hard
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Hello, fitness 4chan. Do you see any weight loss progress or am I just delusional? I think I see something but... I'm not sure enough. Thanks in advance (and sorry for this bad pic. I know it is not the best body).
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Why yes, I DO believe Black Lives Matter. How could you tell?
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/fph/ - fat “people” hate

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traumatized by wii fit edition
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Home Gym Mindset

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>fml no roided out brit yelling at me during work outs.
I can't get the mindset to sit in my home gym and scream at myself, fuck it