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halfway through 23 considering going back to uni for the social life and because i think i'd actually want to get a degree and not just feeling like i gotta do it because its the next thing u gotta do after college

think its worth it /fit/? i already have 2 years fulltime employment in the field i want to work in and have a cushy but relatively low paying job (web dev) worst part is having no opportunities to meet new people when working 9-5 but i guess clubs will reopen eventually

any experiences going back to uni when youre 4 years older than everyone?

Eternal Fat Hate Thread

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Personality test

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What would it take to get these women in shape?
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Let's go!
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3d women just disgust me at this point
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Penis enlargement

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I want to have a massive schlong for aesthetic purposes. If I am 15cm now how big can I expect to grow it? Also post your results.
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/plg/ - Powerlifting General

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Science edition
>How to The Press with Big Boy

>How to bench press with Scott Mendelsons

>How to squat with Chris Duffin

>How to deadlift with Chris Duffin

Additional videos and reading on benching, squatting, deadlifting, bands, accessories, etc., can be found in the pastbin.

>The official pastebin

>Tripfag Numbers

Check the pastebin for /PLG/'s collection of PROGRAMS that are ALL confirmed to be shit.

If you want a METHOD that actually works, check the all things conjugate pastebin below
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/bbg/ - bodybuilding general

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>complexity edition

Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all things related to bodybuilding: training, nutrition, recovery, supplementation, posing, competition prep, etc.

Threadly question:
>How complex do you feel that training should be? Are there stages or thresholds of complexity, or a gradual change, or should it just stay simple indefinitely?

If you're going to ask questions, please include the following:
>height, weight, rough body fat estimate, sex
>how long you've been training *productively*
>anything else relevant, like gear use or missing limbs

Everybody is welcome, because we're all gonna make it. If you give advice, it's probably not a bad idea to post timestamped body and trip.

/fit/ library of PDFs:

Other recommended education:
Reddit r/steroids; Intensemuscle forums, elitefts
Advices radio network: Blood, Sweat, And Gear; Drugs N Stuff; Muscle Minds
Fouad Abiad: Real Bodybuilding Podcast; Bodybuilding and Bollocks
Dorian Yates, John Meadows, Scott Stevenson, Fouad Abiad, Jordan Peters, Dusty Hanshaw, Dante Trudel (IG), James Hollingshead, Nick Walker
Dorian Yates: Seminars at Appollon Gym, Gaspari MD series, 2016 seminar. Training videos with Chris Cormier, Mark Duggale, Charlie Johnson. Blood and Guts and Inside the Shadow movies. Interviews with London Real, Valuetainment, Escape Fitness, Hodgson's
John Meadows: Everything, particularly related to exercise selection and sequencing as well as intensity techniques
Tom Platz: Anything Leg related, David Hoffman training
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