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What BF% do I need to land a gorgeous woman like this bros?
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Is Indians being weird at the gym genetic?

Does the Indian population have some sort of gym autism encoded in their genes
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Fph thread utterly delusional edition
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A place for discussing all things vegan health & ethics.

- Vegan diet healthy for all stages of life

- Vegan B12 in traditional fermented foods & seaweed e.g. tempeh, kimchi etc. - Tempeh - Traditional Korean fermented foods provide adequate B12

- Loads vegan products fortified with B12 (produced without the use of animals) - Cashew Milk - Corn Flakes

- USDA 40% of US population flirting with B12 deficiency due to modern farming

- Processed meattrash lowers sperm count

- Estrogen in milk lowers test and stops you developing into a real man

- Casomorphine in milk is addictive

- Milk gives you prostate cancer

- Milk gives you acne

- Heme iron in red meat gives you esophageal and stomach cancer

- Meat gives you colorectal cancer
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>tfw gym bouncer says you aren't attractive enough to lift there.
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What is /fit opinion on Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse etc?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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I went to the doctors and it has been confirmed my arms definitely grow.
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Pushup thread

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Stop larping and roll
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>he doesn't listen to anime music while lifting

It's like you don't even watch anime even though you browse a Japanese anime board. Pic related, OP goes hardcore
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