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Swimming is the best all-around exercise
prove me wrong
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>got fit
>got hsv-1 making out with a club sloot
this is your bi-weekly reminder to stay safe out there
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push up thread

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roll, last two digits are yours to do

hard mode: last three digits
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> be me at thaiboxing
> Just finished one and a half hours of advanced class
> Beginners group start lining up
> Friend that goes to beginner asks if I wanna train with her
> Always doing double sessions
> 20 minutes into training my friends friend asks her if she wants to train with her
> Training with her boyfriend now
> Skinny but tall
> Beta with hot gf
> Makes my blood boil
> Leg kicks
> My legs are already sore from previous session
> His shitty kicks start hurting like a bitch after a while
> Le adrenaline dump
> My turn to kick
> Full power with every kick
> His knees are on the verge of snapping
> He's cringing with every impact
"Good form ano-"
> Full power kick before he finishes the sentence
> I'm holding pads now
> Push kicks
> Every time he kicks he stumbles backwards
> Trainer laughs and tells him to make me fly
> Trainer goes behind his back winks at me and smiles
> My turn to kick
> Take sweat soaked shirt off
> Grills mirin
> Guys mirin
> Trainer mirin
> My turn to kick
> Solid base sends him flying backwards with every kick
> I humiliate him in front of his girlfriend
> He's blushing while she's mirin my sweaty shiny torso
> Training ends
> "Damn anon how long have you trained for?"
> "Not long bro, just putting in the work"
> Go to stretch while watching advanced MMA class
> Guy I roasted for an hour stretching next to his girlfriend
> "Oh my god your knees are caving in!"
> Fucked him up real good
> Finish stretching
> Pro MMA guy asks me if I'm on gear

Did I make it /fit/?
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>ask the skinny newbie to spot me on my 3pl8 bench just to see him panic
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/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General

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"Fell asleep and forgot to bump the thread and now it's dead" edition
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Was I memed? Anon posted that it's a good breakfast but it's SO fatty (I've also added cheese to the egg)
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> Be me: Handsome white arab male with a manly beard. 5' 9" 180 lb muscular and lean.
> Browses 4chan for couple of years now.
> Fell for all the memes: Western women hates arabs. Manlets have no chance. Beards are for soyboys.
> Come to USA a year ago.
> Literally sleeps with a different white woman every single week.
> mfw Western men are ultra soyish compared to my musculine manly features.

How can /fit cope?
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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Being paid about 50 cents to make this thread edition

Enjoy your stay in the incel supoort group
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/fit/ approved tattoos
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