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anyone got updates on this guy? last i heard he had a heart attack from his cruse
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weightloss general

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So how's the weight loss going, robots/fembots?

I'm aiming for 115 lbs, almost halfway there.
Also what do you do to lose weight? I'm just eating less than 600 calories/day. No workout cause I'm lazy and can't go outside.
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This is called plg it's a new thread. WHat edition is it you may ask? It is the 9x18 bench press edition, and also the no bully and friendliness edition

Good luck with your lifts everyone
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If protein is so important for muscular development how are gorillas so big eating nothing but leaves?
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at what age should I be concerned that I havent been to a house party yet?
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Where does /fit/ meet girls other than bars and coed sports?
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Just look at dat ass

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Find a flaw
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If high testosterone guys like chubbier girls...what do high estrogen girls like?
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I don't usually post here but I have an issue: I've been working out pretty good since september, but in a week I have to relocate to a remote rural place for forestry job. The nearest gym is like 20 km. I have nothing over there to train. I have to stay there 3 months. What can I do except physical work to keep my shape? thank