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Bullying and consequences

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I figure /fit/ is going to be the biggest incel board full of skinny or fat kids who got bullied all through school and who are lifting now

Do you think that kids should face criminal charges for bullying other students?

If you're a 25 year old adult and you slam another adult into a locker or beat up someone with your gang of friends then you're going to prison for assault.

How is it acceptable for kids to do the exact same thing and get away without criminal charges?

I think if you are over the age of criminal culpability in your country then physically assaulting other students should result in criminal charges and imprisonment, and verbal abuse or harassment should be punished with the full force of the law if it's illegal in your country
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/fit calculations/

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how do you guys calculate the calories in food ?

i want to do my first cut, and i calculated that i should eat around 2300 calories to lose fat, but how can i check how many calories are in for example chicken breast ?

> pic unrelated i only posted it for grabbing your attention
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Why is this board so obsessed with training for strength and chasing numbers?


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Nothing found
5’11 155
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What would it take for him to get healthy again?
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why isnt she the wagmi queen of /fit/?
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Cant stop, wont stop

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Aussiefaggot generalisation afg

xir will not divide us
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ITT: Post your genetic lottery winnings
>Baby face
>Be 28
>look 24

lmao so ez
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Feels bar

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Come take a seat and have a drink. What's on your mind?
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how much can you squat
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