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Are there any moslem /fit/izen here? How do you change your routine during ramadhan?
For me, I'm just gonna stick to calisthenics and cardio like running and jumping rope.
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What gym routine should I have to become a femboy if I'm overweight
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What would happen if I only did pullups? Is there any scientific evidence that it would cause any damage to my health?
Please no broscience or condescending replies. I'm looking for studies ideally.
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Ausfag fitness and diet general

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generally speaking the most active and sort after thread on /fit/. We even have dedicated skills who spend all their time trying to derail us, but nothing can stop the mighty Bruce.

What are you lifting and what are you eating?
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Did I achieve chad status already? Was tossed from other subforums, a friend suggested using 4chan


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Has anyone here had an ACL or LCL injury? if so, how long until you could squat etc again, and what repercussions did the injury have? I have an ACL + LCL injury currently.

Is it even possible to correct excess soy consumption during adolescence?

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If handsome men are constantly getting rejected by women because of their height what makes you think just because you put a little bit of muscle that it's going to make any difference?
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serious question

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I see a lot of people on here making fun of americans for sharting and having poopy underwear and stuff. Are non-Americans seriously saying this doesn't happen to them, or are they just doing one of those ironic things where they try to make someone feel bad for something that's totally normal (like the nofap guys)?
Serious replies only
t. american
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