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What's her name /fit/?

You have gotten over her right?
Don't tell me you still look at her facebook.
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Am I hopeless?
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>stop lifting for 2 months
>slowly gaining weight and feel like shit
How do i get myself to lift again? I want to do it but i don't have the drive or the enthusiasm, the fire is weak and dim. I feel like shit but i want to make it and i have to go back to the gym.
How do you guys deal with this if it ever happens?

advice plz

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Hello /fit/ this is my first post here ever. I’m just looking for some advice. I’m a fat fuck currently in the process of losing weight and improving my life. I was up at 290 with 0 muscle. I started keto and changed my lifestyle a bit and I’m now down at 250 flat, as of about 2 hours ago. So, now I’m trying to get into the gym. I joined a local gym. It’s small but a good amount of people go and it’s locally owned. My real questions are, should I continue keto? What’s a good workout routine? I can workout 4 days a week only as I work 60 hours or so a week. And also, if I continue keto for a bit longer how can I get gains? What’s good to drink/eat for gains that will keep me in keto?

Tl;dr I’m a fat fuck in ketosis losing weight just starting workout, what’s a good routine, should I stay in keto, what’s good keto friendly products for gains?

Itchy feet

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Anyone else got feet fungus?
I seem to have it for years now, I usually do some off the counter medicine for some weeks, it seems to improve but then I forget about using it as much and then it slowly creeps back.
What do you do about yours? Are there any natural remedies for it? Would rubbing olive oil and garlic there fix it and give me a test boost too?

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What does /fit/ think about occasional joints?
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I really want an olympic waifu, how do i achieve this goal?
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>No blue lights before bed
>Sleep 7-10 hours
> Legit diet
>Always go back to bed after waking up and feel like shit the entire day

How do you get decent sleep holy shit. I've only ever had sleep that energized me once in my entire life. The fuck am I doing wrong bros
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