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Blaha Vs Vegcunt Gains

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Blaha posted his rules for the fight


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>Donut cheeseburger

Do Americans sincerely undertake such things?
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Can you please rate my progress/provide recommendations?

Been trying to slim my waist and build my back. The back helps because I unfortunately have unnaturally large boobs (DDD), a massive hindrance to my goals. Can you recommend anything to downsize one's breasts?

Should I seek reduction surgery?
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What is the weirdest mires you've ever gotten?
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What if you were sent back in time 1000 years?
Do you think you could make it?
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>Chadpa was 6'4
>Dad is 6'1
>I'm 5'11, gf is 5'1
>tfw tall genes overpowered by horniness for shortstack genes
I'm sorry, future sons. I can't help myself.
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What’s a good way to make myself vomit without tooth decay and how can I make myself vomit?
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Aight, let’s see your /fit/ training... how do you approach?
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>this my friend fuller, made a thread about him before
>Been trying to get him to lose weight, he is unemployed and lives in his mom's basement. I think he is depressed
>I love the guy, pals since we were young, but he is starting to piss me OFF
>He was cheating on the diet way too much and skipping gym days, I started needed to go with him way more to keep him motivated
>Thought I was breaking through to him finally
>Looked like he was making some lifestyle changes
>After our last session at the gym he starts driving home
>Am a little bit behind him, but I see this mother FUCKER drive into a McDonald's drive through
>Super pissed off
>Go home real quick to get some clean clothes, drive to his house to have a conversation, but I see his car fucking FULL of McDonalds and other fast food wrappers, Easily a months worth.
>He's been lying to me for weeks about his diet
>Too angry to want to have a conversation, I'd just end up saying something I regret, went home to cool down and readjust ideas to get him on track
>Look on Instagram, and this dude has the fucking AUDACITY to post this gym selfie, with some bullshit inspirational quote
>About to lose my mind

Do I confront him about lying to me and try to change his course again, or is it a lost cause? I've been trying so hard to get him out of this rut. I understand he is addicted to food, I just hate being fucking lied to. I am debating writing him off and just moving on, but I know if I do that he'll stop working out completely and end up with a heart attack at 30. I'm so conflicted /Fit/, what would you guys do?
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Wake up at 1am
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