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Pre-work out Supplement

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Hey /fit/, I have been feeling lazy and low energy lately. I have 7 to 5 office job and when I'm at home, I have to deal with my wife and 2 kids. I have been wanting to take pre-workout supplement (C4 and such) but since I have bipolar disorder, I fear this will put me into a manic episode. Any good alternative to this?

/fat/ - "hamburgers, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast" edition

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Who is /fat/ for?

For /fat/ people who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss, but use that thread for general questions.

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) (complex) (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones

>Weighing yourself daily?
Use a trend app like Libra (android) or Happy Scale (ios) to keep yourself sane

If you ask for help, remember to include your
>screenshot of MyFitnessPal/Cronometer food log
>confirmation you've read the OP and the sticky

Last thread >>47326988
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Daily reminder that traveling is out of the question:

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Traveling is the ultimate non-/fit/ lifestyle.
>not being able to sleep in an actual superior white bed, or at times sleep at all for that matter, constantly sleeping in planes, cars or shitty mud huts
>having to eat disgusting, inferior local food, can't eat when you want, can't eat enough, have to eat out like a cuckold
>expensive as fuck because everyone wants to be an "adventurer"; unbeknownst to them travelfags are actually instagram addled millenial cucks running from their own weakness
>most of the time, no gym nearby, or shitty treadmill-and-elliptical gyms in main shitskin cities
>no internet, can't even browse /fit/ and watch jason blaha vids
>have to pretend to be interested in muh local """culture"""
>have lost a fuckton of strength by the time you get back

real men stay in their cities their whole lives and do & eat the same thing every day non negociable. anything else is just fucking with your recovery.
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all the fucking thots i used to see at high school parties are starting to get FAT now
it's so satisfying them stagnate and expire
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I'm allergic to dairy so I can't take in whey protein.

I've been using this onions protein instead.

How many onions do I need to eat so that I can compensate for the estrogenic effect of onions?

Anybody ever got back/sciatic pain from deadlifts/squats?

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I was really into gym for about 2 months and loving it but then my back got hurt. I think I pinched a nerve. I wasn't even doing alot fo weight when it started to tighten up. I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle it now because I really want to get back in there when it is fully healed but I don't want to injure my lower back again. It was hard to walk for a day after it.

I've been lifting on and off for years so I'm not a noob. It is definitely my sciatic nerve though because it is only on my right side and goes down my leg. I feel that maybe when i go up in weight I compensate on that side more and it causes it. Anybody expereince this?
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I started getting bad highs and high-induced panic attacks about a month ago, and instead of slowing down I ended up smoking more and more. Finally, I had a really bad panic attack and decided to stop for a little while.

It's been a week so far and I feel really weird. I wake up really tired and groggy despite getting a full nights sleep, I feel on edge all day, and my anxiety is actually worse than while I was smoking.

I've read this is normal, I smoked heavily every day for the better part of 10 years or something, so it's likely that I would experience withdrawal symptoms - the most common apparently are tiredness and anxiety.

Any tips on getting through this, or any general advice for quitting/speeding up the withdrawal process? I really just want to get back to my clean, confident mentality and not deal with random panic attacks standing in my way.
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The supplement industry is huge and every week a new supplements comes up.
A lot of them promote "benefits" that are simply not true.

Lets make a honest supplement thread.
Post up what supplements you take and let other people help you if its worth taking them.
Maybe some can even recommend supplements.

Lets eliminate the basics like
>Protein Powder

these are a "must" for long term lifters.
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What kind of girls have you attracted ever since you got /fit/?

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5 foot and 8 inch manlet here who has been lifting for 3 years and in college right now. The only type of girls I attract are

- skinny cute girls shorter than me who look like they're 15
-awkwardly tall women (talking 5 10 and higher)
- fat black women
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Tuesday Water Edition

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They say you should drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water. Bottoms up buddehs!