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ITT we post things we've seen in the gym that made you go wtf

>yesterday at gym
>guy comes in and grabs 100lb dumbbells
>does like 1/20th ROM curls for 2 sets
>leaves gym

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name a better meal replacement.
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I think this is a good thread to start making.

Discuss daily hygiene, hair, cleanliness, dental, and more. Questions are welcome.

Also remember to clean your belly buttons daily.

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Trust me
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Are cold showers a meme?
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/fraud/ - Steroid discussion

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Noobs go to reddit's r/steroids board and read their wiki before asking a question.

When posting a question about your first cycle, include your height, weight, years spent lifting, and current percent bodyfat.

Don't respond to retards. This means not responding the the sesame street gang: alex, glands, bimbo.

NO SOURCE TALK. If you're not sure, assume it's source talk.
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> 'just lift bro'
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Is my dog /fit/ enough?

Been training him for a while now.
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/fph/ - fat people hate

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Judge Dredd vs. fatties edition.

League of fatties:

Requiem for a heavyweight

Magnificient obsession

Fat Fathers
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