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tick tock retards
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f. p. h.

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fph thread

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How do I into /twink mode/, fit?
Also, being the most homosexual board in this website, how does fit feel about them?
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I wish I was taller than 5'9.
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transformation thread

i'll start
17, 135lbs -> 18, 187lbs
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What does /fit/ think of tanning as a man? I'm pale and bald and while I think I'd look better with some color I'm worried it's unhealthy
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>working in the gym to acquire gains
>not learning how to fight with steel like ancestor
Never gonna make it
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Why does anyone follow fad diets that don't work rather than just CICO?
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Other one is past bump limit (also too many of (((them))) if u catch my drift)
Can u do this?
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