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Is vaporizing weed the most /fit/ way of relaxing?

>no burnt material means no negative effects on the lungs
>mind broadens as THC floods your brain, incredibly deep conversations
>better mind-body connection, can feel each muscle separately
>whatever you're doing becomes more interesting
>munchies means bulking is not hard, plenty of clean foods provided

Unless you're poor, you should be vaporizing weed in cycles
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Janny, you see this pile of shit?

Clean it the fuck up you fucking loser. Right now.

And you know what the best part is? You're doing it for free.
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>supposed to graduate friday
>have a 400 word essay due thursday night that if I don't get at least a C on I won't pass the class or graduate
>haven't even started
>still just on 4chan
>was supposed to leave for the gym an hour ago but still haven't
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Brutal moggings

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Reminder that even if you are a pro, you are not immune to being mogged
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How can I bulk on a carnivore diet? I feel like cutting the carbs will be the hardest thing switching to a carnivore diet to maximize my gains

Also, does anyone have experience using an essay service to get a college/uni paper done?

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Show me an example of a true Alpha Male.

Pic unrelated, idk who it is.
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Is taking steroids considered a Chad move, /fit/?
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Is chestbrah still around?

Steroids General - /roid/

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>go to the gym
>feel sick and like throwing up after workout
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