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> Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional
-District of Columbia v. Heller
So how do Eurocucks, Aussies and Leafs defend themselves with their Queen/EU approved muzzle loaders if they're required by law to use shit like trigger locks and gun safes too?
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You've been marked with the Brand of Sacrifice

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Whenever the sun sets demons will descend upon you wanting your flesh and soul. Your brand will bleed giving you warning when the demons are near. You're spared during the day.

What's your plan? What's your loadout for combatting the demon hordes?
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Hi /k/, here´s my problem.

In my country are happening a series of protests caused by the UNAH students and the police have to control it by throwing tear gas bombs.

The thing is that for my sociology class we need to do an essay about it and I want to know what kind of tear gas bomb are using the police. I only have some barrettes that I collected from the ground; I know that isn´t too much but I hope someone could help me.


Liberal Gun Owners Cringe

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>So, before I head over to /r/redneckrevolt and /r/SocialistRA, I figured I will start here with the 29k readers who might be able to provide me some helpful answers.Here's the change-my-mind premise: Every time you buy a firearm, ammunition or accessories, you're giving your money to an industry that supports the NRA, the Orange Man, and by extension, a veritable right-wing Russian takeover (or at least disruption) of our democracy, and a whole lot of things I don't particularly like very much. I think we all know the profits from Sig Sauer or Glock or Remington or Winchester or Colt or Federal or American Eagle, or any manufacturer basically directly supports and provides more money to interests I am directly opposed to. So what's the solution to this problem? Buy used firearms? Sure. But then you're still supporting a shop owner that is going to go vote for Trump and use his money to help the NRA destroy our democracy. This same problem extends to going to ranges as well. There's got to be solutions to this problem. Maybe there's someone out there who can suggest companies and shops that make/sell/service firearms that suck less than others. I mean, I'd take a shop owner that just doesn't like Trump much over the typical main-stream gun culture shop owner. So what do you all think about this? I'm just not sure this is a situation that has a good solution, but hopefully I'm wrong and someone will list a ton of companies that suck less than others. My apologies if there's already an FAQ on this somewhere that I missed.

Go to /r/ liberalgunowners and see what you can find, also post grabber memes
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imagine being a brainlet that still calls anti-gun liberals and gun grabbers communists when karl marx himself was very adamant about arming the working class and almost every true communist is pro gun rights
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What the best SHTF Binoculars

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I need some, something small yet powerful for a backpack, also something not expensive because it will be rarely used.
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I'm sorry k I used my guns and rage against some stupid drunks tonight I'm going to die
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Did anyone carry a rocket launcher or recoilless rifle in Afghanistan? Was it better than a 10-20lb paper weight? I can't imagine a less optimized weapon for the terrain (shooting against an elevated enemy 600m+) but I am speaking from ignorance.
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/GWG/ Girls With Guns Thread

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Post your best here.
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Iranians Hijack US MQ-9 Reaper

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So Iranians have intercepted and hijacked control over an MQ-9 Reaper which was supporting ISIS operations in Syria:

Apparently they were using a Russian ELINT platform.
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