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Shit on Russia thread

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Go wild with shitting on Russian military equipment
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>got hit 252 times
>still drives 60 kilometers

Say again that the tiger was an irreliable piece of garbage
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I really want a gun but i'm afraid I would want to kill myself with it once I get one. What do I do.
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Are you prepared to protect your waifu and virginity

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Well /k/? are you ready if someone tries to harm your waifu or take away your chance at true love??

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saumrai jack samurai JACK samurai jack ITCH lack lack lack lack lack SAMURIA SAMURAI jack الحاج امير الله كان معكم يا خونة GOD SAVE THE QUEEN fuck the fascist commies

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What's the mostly manly holster I can get to prove to Jesus Christ our lord that I am not a cock sucker and totally love the poon
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How do you /gas/ in a shtf scenario? Average e10 gasoline has only like a 6 month shelf life, a year if its sealed. With added stabilizers, regulated temperature, and a sealed environment. It could probably last up to what, 4-5 years? Good for most short-term situations. But how am I going to be powering my genny 5-6 years in?
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Do people actually concealed-carry PDWs or Submachine guns?

Y'know, the semi-automatic versions of mp5s, mp7s, uzis, p90s, and so on.

It seems like those type of weapons would be impossible to conceal. But I've heard of a bunch of instances where people wearing normal clothing, actually conceal submachine guns. Like pic related.
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Encounter with actual range trap

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>went to range
>see cute girl loading a pmag
>shes wearing a cz on her hip tight bdu pants plain black t shirt and an operator hat
>long hair in pony tail
>setup in lane next to her
>she looks at me smiles and gives a friendly nod
>done shooting
>she starts to leave
>think fuck it why not
>run after her and meet her in the parking lot
>ask her if I can give her my number
>she blushes and says sure
>week goes by and I meet her at the range
>she shows up looking even cuter
>crop top tight black cargo pants tucked into boots aviators and the same operator cap on
>shooting for a while and all goes well
>decide to ask her to dinner
>all is well we eat get a little tipsy and decide to go back to her place
>fucking sweet ass house with her grandparents while keep to themselves
>entire upstairs is practically hers with a master room and full size bathroom
>well we get hot and heavy and make out a bit
>she stops me
>"I really hope it doesnt ruin the mood but I really need to tell you something..."
>"what is it?"
>"well..... I was born a male......"
>heart skips a beat
>/k/ memes hit me like a fucking ton of bricks
>she looks upset and I can see tears start welling up
>"I havent ever been on a date with someone that didnt know... Im sorry I didnt mean to lead you on like this"
>"hey no its fine Im not worried about it"
>tipsy wise Im like a 6/10
>never had a problem with traps before so fuck it
>she smiles we make out more
>we end up watching red dawn and I got a sweet handy
>still talk to her to this day
>never fucked but I did see a picture of her cock

Believe it or not they do exist and It blew my mind to find one. Couldnt tell in the slightest fucking bit
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Why doesn't the us army just buy pic related
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