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How you holding up, /k/?
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1. How many people have you killed?
2. How old were you when you killed your first person?
3. Do you have nightmares / PSTD about any of your kills?


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Sup /k/, so I found this old notebook while at my friend's house and found out his younger brother wrote in it when he was little. It was ideas for a video game he planned called, no joke, "Evil Death Nightmare". I decided to take some pics of the weapons in it and share it with you for feedback and lulz.

Page 1/12, the "Red Devastator Gun"
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Welcome to all the new shooters but be aware this is not about preloaded ammo, this is a reloading thread.

what's been y'all's project lately? Any new additions or experiments?

I've been playing a lot with this new rcbs bullet puller. I had a box of Remington core lokt 30-30 170 grain that I was never going to shoot so I decided to do an experiment last night and test the consistency of these charges and bullets before I removed the components and saved it for later. Then I reloaded the factory brass with 35.5grn of LeverEvolution and a 160 grain Hornady ftx.
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Sup /k/

Thoughts on the IMI Kidon? Thinking about getting one to go with my non-Glock handgun

Also PCC General since there isn't one active
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Red pill me on the marine corps.
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/arg/: Return that PEQ15 Edition - Return of Agent Wu

Old: >>44483093
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Thoughts on shoulder holster? What's your preferred method of carry?
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Patch Thread - From China with Coof

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Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches? (Older)

>Thread theme
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