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Reverse-Trap Thread ?2

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First Thread:

>Anon, bro, can we talk for a sec?
>There's something I've been meaning to tell you
>For a while now, actually
>It's just...
>I... I don't know how to tell you this, but...
>I'm actually a chick.
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Tomboy Thread

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And a little prompt just so this thread would die more slowly
>"Anon, you fucking idiot... Did you really think all this time that I'm a guy?!"
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Reverse Trap Thread

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We haven't had one of these for a while. Anyone got reverse trap pics/fics/whatever?
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>Anon, bro, can we talk for a sec?
>There's something I've been meaning to tell you
>For a while now, actually
>It's just...
>I... I don't know how to tell you this, but...
>I'm actually a chick.

What do?
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Reverse Trap/Tomboy Thread: Glorious Tan Lines Edition

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Previous Thread >>32272113

For all the girls who are mistaken as/pretend to be their male counterpart. We owe it to these boyish wonders to appreciate them to the fullest.

So come in and discuss reverse traps and tomboys. Nature’s gift to man.

Refer to >>32272113 For existing greens until a proper pastebin can be organized established.

Note: Fuck typing on phones.
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>See a MLP fan in my university
>He looks like an unwashed hobo
Jesus christ anon, take care of yourself, at least a minimum to look presentable.
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You're not a real man if you don't make your ponies cum
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>Ywn be a stallion
>ywn wake up when you and your waifu are expecting her estrus to start
>ywn take a deep breath, then another deeper breath with your upper lip raised as you smell your waifu's fertility
>ywn follow your snoot to your waifu's rear
>ywn nip at her flank, then walk up to her face and make out
>ywn try to have romantic foreplay, but struggle to actually do it under the weight of your instincts. By now your cock has fully dropped out of your sheath and is smacking your belly
>ywn nip at her flanks between toungue bathing her horsepussy
>Ywn see her behavior become more raw, wild horse as your sapient thought fades into the background as her pheromones totally overwhelm you
>ywn rear onto her back, grab her belly, and spear her searing hot, drooling, winking pussy with your horsecock.
>ywn try to start slow, before giving in to forceful, deep thrusts
>ywn ram your cock into your waifu's dilated cervix as you flare and spread her womb open.
>ywn bite her neck as you flood her womb with your seed, giving little thrusts as if you were trying to penetrate her cervix
>ywn flop out of her and drop to the floor. ywn cuddle and make out with her as her heat temporarily breaks from your load
>ywn spend the next couple days happily engulfed in your waifu's vagina as she expertly contracts every little muscle to drain your balls of your spunk
>ywn help your waifu concieve

/mlp/ GMod Server Thread #5

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OLD THREAD: >>37703949

To join enter "connect; password filename" into the console or add the IP to your Favorites in Multiplayer -> Legacy Browser.
To start a gamemode/map change type rtv in chat.
Usual playing time is 20:00 UTC (16:00 EDT).

Add-on collections, download these here or when joining the server:

Check the server status in your browser:

Some maps require CSS content, if you don't have it installed from Steam you can grab the files here:
If you do own the game mount it in GMod's main menu from the controller icon in the lower right.

Current gamemodes are Sandbox, Extreme Football Throwdown, Guess Who, Trash Compactor, Murder, Prophunters, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Quake 3, Lambda, Ghost Hunters, Dropzone, Fat Kid, Duck Hunt, Horde and "Pedobear" Escape.

To watch videos in Cinema or with the Media Player add-on you need to be on GMod's x86-64 branch. Enable it from the Betas tab in the game's Properties on Steam.
To change your playermodel outside of Sandbox enter playermodel_select in the console. PPM's commands are ppm2_editor and ppm2_editor3.
To enable thirdperson outside of Sandbox type stp in the console.

Pony playermodels, chat sounds and PPM/2 included!

Quickstart guide for new players.
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Cheerilee just prepared an huge play for the ponies of Ponyville, but one role is missing and
are needed for it.

Will you accept?

Cheerilee have been silently watching you for a while now. What could she be after?
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