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Is this the greatest dialogue choice in video game history?
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Fighting games

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What's the most technical fighting game you can think of?
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>here's your childhood bro
how do you respond?
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Quake Thread

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Thread for QUAD DAMAGE

Which game had the best Multiplayer?
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I cried the day that I realized that AVGN is more Mike Matei than James

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I was heartbroken. I cried that day.

James, in real life, actually knows very little about video games. It's actually Mike Matei that plays and ghostwrites most of the AVGN material. This becomes very obvious if you watch the "James & Mike Mondays" let's play videos, the possibly most boring unfunny let's-play videos on youtube. Obviously Mike Matei isn't that funny or knowledgeable about games himself, but at least he actually still plays games. James is clueless when it comes to anything outside of a handful of surface Atari & NES games that everyone has played anyway
James is in such an awkward position: all he cares about is making awful movies, but the only creation of his that had any success is a video game nerd character who got a bunch of fans from the retro-gamer crowd, and now James is forced to work his ass off catering to them for a living. You can tell that video games were never really a big thing in his life outside of early childhood; James is basically being forced to live up to a role that just isn't really him. And now that he went and had a handicapped kid with his mediocre wife, he has no choice but to continue being a fraud and milking his fanbase for all their worth, in order to support his kid and his wife who will eventually divorce him and take all his money that he made from his undeserved e-fame.
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High Score Girl

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Why aren't you watching it /vr/
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Looking for some retro dating sim/adventure titles on consoles, preferably in English. So far I have played Thousand Arms and really enjoyed that. Where next, /vr/ bros?
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Lets have an Ultima thread:
Talk about your favorite Ultima game, favorite moments,memories, etc.
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What is Arle Nadja doing here? Is she concerned and tired? Is she also supposed to be looking through the screen at me or something?

It's such a silly expression!
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I can't get my raspberry pi 3 to play psx games...I followed the instructions perfectly. Idk what I'm doing wrong.