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/fit/ dating sim

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Hey /fit/, just finished the latest scene in my /fit/-ness inspired datingsim. I found a new voice actress who's comfortable doing lewd scenes. And I'm making good progress on the storyline. Feel free to offer some suggestions or give me funny gym scenarios you want me to add.
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>you were talking in your sleep uncle anon *giggles* what's my c*nny and why do you want to smash it are you mad at me?
wut do
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>no uncle anon you can't go! it's too dark and stormy outside for you to drive home you'll have to stay here in my bed
wut do
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>uncle anon one of the older girls in school told me if you were her uncle she'd drain you dry every night what does that mean?
wut do
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Do You Date/Hook Up With More Attractive Girls Now?

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>implying we're not all perma-virgins

Do you have sex with and hook up with sexier girls now compared to when you didn't lift? Pic unrelated, but related to what I wanna fuck -- nomsayin'?
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>u-uncle anon! i-it's so big!
wut do
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Is there anything worse than being a paki?

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There literally isn’t. At least ricecels are seen as harmless and are invisible, if you’re a paki, pajeet or a brown sandnigger (white passing one’s don’t count) the media, press literally runs articles to make people go out of their way to hate you. Women are revolted by you because they feel like you’ll rape them if they’re alone. People in general view you as an animal who can only act on their first instinct. Most people have SOME positive stereotypes. Asians are good at math and science, Mexicans and Latinos have good music and culture, Blacks have rap and sports. But pakis/pajeets have literally nothing. Yoga? All taken up by white women. Buddhism? All taken up by chinks now. Pretty much every piece of great culture that came out of the indian subcontinent is stripped off its Pakiness/Pajeetness to make it appealing to non-subcontinentals.

If you’re a paki or pajeet your only hope is:

1) be a good boy and work as some high paying job to finally get some pussy through $$ and fuck hookers (lots of pajeets and pakis go to places like Thailand after they earn some money to lose their virginity because that’s the only way)

2) stop giving a fuck about basedciety and rape/gang rape women. UK is full of paki/poo rape gangs that kidnap 13 year old white girls

The 3rd option is LDAR. That’s what im doing as a paki
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>omg uncle anon you're getting hard! lol do you like tickle fights that much *giggles* let me see it i've never seen one before
wut do
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>you'll protect me from all the monsters this halloween right uncle anon? i can give you some of my candy and maybe give you other things too *giggles*
wut do
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Anyone have any experience with these?
Would you recommend?
Also pre-work out thread.