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Coomers Rise Up

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I fucking love this meme. I firmly believe it marks a significant turning point in the lives of all mankind, the moment when we are able to stop, look at ourselves and laugh at our own primitive ways and manage to form some sort of self control without the ignorance of religion or cults! we can police our own habits in a healthy way that doesn't make us feel like the world is ending every time we may slip. Face it, your sexuality is already a joke in the eyes of the modern woman, television and the media in general saw to that long before you even had your first coom (eg. flicks like american pie, revolving around literal cumbrains and their misadventures worshiping women) girls grew up laughing at these tropes, they grew up laughing at you! at us! They believe men are nothing more than mouth breathing retards that can't control their urges, and modern society grants girls the power of completely controlling them without ever having to be in their disgusting presence (findom etc) The friendzone was bad enough, but now these faggots can't even look at a woman anymore without falling to their knees and dropping 3 or 4 good hard cooms. WELL I SAY NO MORE!! I call out to every true man, tired of his lot in life, I call on you, go to your front door, open it and I want you to scream and shout, so that the whole world can hear, hear that we aren't going to take this shit any more! Let us all rise up and chant as one:


I believe in you /fit/, it's time to break the conditioning...
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If you don’t look good in panties, can you even say you lift???
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Is /fit/ liberal, centris or conservative?

PS conservative means going to church and no tats not fake conservatives like milo and pol lol.
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non mainstream lifting music thread

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Nothing gay and mainstream.

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/coomer/ thread general

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who else coomed today?
I fucking relapsed and gave in after 3 days of nofap that i do regularly I fucking hate myself
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sexual health

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so whats the deal with STD's? If I hookup with someone over tinder or something am I going to get one most likely, even if I use a condom?

does nobody give a shit? what are your experiences?
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Do you experience severe constipation or general decreases in fecal matter at the end of a cut? I’ve just spent a good half hour huffing and puffing and this is all I’ve got to show for it.
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bros i was on nofap for 40+days and i just looked at some jap porn. Didnt fap but feel like complete shit. Dont fucking do it bros its not worth it.
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advice for a poorfag workout routine

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I'm a beginner to fitness in general, and after reading the beginner's guide, I want to get advice on a particular routine. I already eat healthily, and am looking to get into toning and general health improvements.

Due to schedules, I can't go a gym, and I can't pay for weights, etc.

I'm looking for an all-around routine I can do in about an hour or less, and without special equipment, any advice would be appreciated.
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I wish to /fraud/ but not if it'll age me this badly. Note that dude got increasingly unaesthetic over a short period of time. Is this...inevitable?
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