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Eating used to be somewhat enjoyable. Now it's literally the worst part of day. I wake up every morning thinking "great, another day of eating"

Getting those 3000 fucking calories is nightmare. Just thinking about having to drink a protein shake tommrow makes me sick.
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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Rule Britannia edition
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NoFap/Porn General

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NoPorn/NoFap day 14

We're gonna make it bros
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how do I lose weight in a small town? and god traps me here

>nothing to do
>town is 2 empty roads and nothing in it
>no one around
>no one to do shit with
>bored with riding bike and walking up and down the same 2 roads
>no car
>god keeps making it so I cant drive
>still nothing to do if I can drive
>its always -30 here
>like freezing cold retarded winters for 9 months then hot as balls for 2 months
>either way its shitty as fuck to go outside
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How to Minimize the Homosexual Effects of Steroids

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Pic related, I ended up fucking a tranny after injecting too many roids and experiencing psychosis on Tren. It was really fucking hot and she sucked me off and everything and as I haven't had sex in like two years, it felt amazing honestly. But now I'm worried it makes me gay or something and I really don't want to go down the slide and start fucking guys which is fucking gay as fuck.

Is there a way to take roids without getting really horny around traps? Looking for genuine advice, srs. She keeps calling me and I'm really tempted to go round again.
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Push Up Thread - Do it for Tomboys

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x1 for jannies
x2 for real men
x3 for true /fit/izens
x4 if you do it for her
Doing x4 for tomboys
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post your genetic lottery

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>brown eyes
>6in dick
>thin hairline
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I discovered a method to heal any type of disease without any drugs. I applied this method on myself. I had 3 "incurable" chronic diseases that doctors told me i could never get rid of. I had Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eye Herpes and another disease that i can't name here and i healed them all. I am willing to take 10 patients and heal them for free so they can confirm my abilities. What forums should i post this on and ask for patients? I want to start with skin disease patients. Also how do i avoid getting suicided by pharmaceutical companies?
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Anyone else balding here? What do?

pic related, my NW5
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>tfw drop out of college bc shit grades
>move in with parents and become wagecuck
>no friends or gf bc too busy wagecucking to pay back student debt
>go from 195 shredded two years ago to 180 skinnyfat
>tfw can't bench 135

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