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>omg uncle anon you're getting hard! lol do you like tickle fights that much *giggles* let me see it i've never seen one before
wut do
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>you'll protect me from all the monsters this halloween right uncle anon? i can give you some of my candy and maybe give you other things too *giggles*
wut do
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Anyone have any experience with these?
Would you recommend?
Also pre-work out thread.

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Rate my home gym setup
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/fit/ dating sim

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Hey /fit/, figured I'd give you you an update on my fitness based dating sim. The premise is that you work as the attendant at a local gym and try to pick-up girls. I recently hired my first voice actress for a scene. Hope you enjoy!
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As a guy that have been with alot of women, i can tell you this is a /fit/ woman ass, most girls have amazing ass in leggings, but deep down it looks like this
My last GF lifted for 2 years straight and her ass still look like this
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Give me a routine to fix this shit.
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Be honest guys, where are you at?
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It's over for me

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That's it guys, I got the rona:

> Sunday morning friend invites me to aquapark for free
> It's terribly packed, full of people
> No masks
> Queues are immense
> Open bar for rona

Yesterday and today I have a killing headache, I started coughing and I'm feeling extremely tired all day... Yesterday I managed to finish my workout but today I couldn't even finish my OHP, I missed my last set.

Right when I was at my peak of bulking... Now I will lose my appetite, I will lose weight and it will be over

Why me /fit/, I did one single mistake and I was enough, don't be like me
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