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Salisbury Plain Coal Mining District

Wilsford Shaft Wally?

What is the solution to the Jewish Question?

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Who are the chosen people of history?


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here are more coal exploratory shafts mapped in wiltshire near stonehenge.
the coal shafts are an "astonishing" mystery to uneducated britons.
why are there no educated archeologists in 'great' britain?
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Aerial of Ancient Astronaut
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Why did Hitler kill ximself?

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Let's settle this once and for all, where is it?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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Black American Community and Homicide

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Is the amount of internal violence and indiscriminate murder within the black american community unprecendented? I can't think of another allegedly oppressed group that rears so much self inflicted and unjustified violence within their own group. Usually oppresed groups reek havoc to other groups if at all, not thier own.
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How come humanity can land on the moon but can't figure out what the other half of humanity wants?
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