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Reminder that Satan came to Earth as the Lord and Fooled all you Catholics and Christians who Worship the Devil and are Going to Hell for it.
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And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. Mars?
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When did the virgin mary lose her virginity?

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Shining Path

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Books and opinions on them? They were the boogeyman of my childhood and I'm surprised the fuckers actually lived up to the hype. Motherfuckers said some of the craziest shit I've read/heard.
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God remembered The Alamo
by Henry Stuckey, 1922

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This is the greatest tragedy in all of human history.
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The Church kills Archeology that challenges its authority and power.
4Chan /his/ kills Archeology that challenges its authority and power.


Archeology Will in end Win.
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God and Satan team-up Kicking the Royal Society's ass

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Gen. Wilhelm Denke 1886 Stonehenge Bluestones Clinker
Route was confirmed by Lt-Col. William Hawley in 1923

Bluestones shoring Man Caves in Coal.
"Follow the Clinker Block road."
Clinker in all Bluestones.

Stonehenge Travelled 1,000 miles.
Stonehenge Rebuilt 1,000 times.
Stonehenge Rte of Bluestones.

"The forty-two Bluestones were used to sit on,
so that Your Ass wouldn't get burnt by coals"

Jolly good. Cheerio.

YHWH Allah
(LORD God)

"Problem is wood Catches fire on coal,
Magically, none of the Bluestones do"

Pip pip.

the Devil
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Reminder that your >>>/his/ internet addiction is not your fault.
Addiction by the mark, name, image, and number of the beast.
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Why is the USA obsessed with it’s black population? For me they just seem be a stagnating minority around 10% of the country’s total population yet both on political left and right they are often in the center of attention.

inb4 /pol/ tier replies
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