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Is there any advantage in history to being landlocked? It seems like a great disadvantage in almost every respect. Also,
>Poor Moldova
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>Fascists viewed the purging of leftists from Spain as the political reaction that was required in order to re-establish the monarchy in place of the Second Republic. The Francoist Repression was motivated by the right-wing notion of a limpieza social, a cleansing of society. This meant the killing of people viewed as enemies of the state began immediately upon the Nationalists' capture of a place.[7]:98 Ideologically, the Roman Catholic Church legitimized the killing by the Civil Guard (national police) and the Falange as the defense of Christendom.[7]:88–9[10]

Why'd the Catholic Church side with the fascists?
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To the United States, it was Vietnam.
To the Soviet Union, it was Afghanistan.
What were the other "Vietnams" of other superpowers?
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What are your honest thoughts on eurocentrism?
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Xianbei, Mongol, northern Han Chinese and Southern Han Chinese genetics

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Xianbei are closer to Evenki, Oroqen, Daur and Mongol in both autosomal and Y haplogroup chromosome DNA than they are to northern Han and southern Han Chinese. Northern Han and southern Han Chinese are more similar to each other than they are to Xianbei and northern ethnic minorities like Mongols and Tungusic Evenkis.

Sixteen sequences of the hypervariable segment I (HVS-I, 16039-16398) in mtDNA control region from ancient Tuoba Xianbei remains excavated from Qilang Mountain Cemetery were analyzed. In which, 13 haplotypes were found by 25 polymorphic sites. The haplotype diversity and nucleotide diversity were 0.98 and 0.0189, respectively, and the mean of nucleotide number differences was 6.25. Haplogroup analysis indicates these remains mainly belong to haplogroup C (31.25%) and D (43.75%). According to the published data were considered, we can suggest that the Tuoba Xianbei presented a close genetic affinity to Oroqen, Outer Mongolian and Ewenki populations, especially Oroqen.
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How do we save Western Civilization?
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Why did Cambodia cede Saigon to Vietnam in 17th century in exchange for Vietnamese princess?

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Why did Cambodia cede Saigon to the Vietnamese Nguyen lords in the 17th century in exchange for a Vietnamese princess? Why did the Cambodian king not realize the Vietnamese princess was going to start the annexation of Saigon from Cambodia?
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How did Champa gain independence from Han dynasty China while Vietnam did not?

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How did Champa gain independence from Han dynasty China while Vietnam did not and instead got ruled by China for millennia? Why was the Cham revolt against the Han dynasty successful while the Vietnamese revolts were defeated?
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How true is this pasta? It keeps being spammed on /int/ but I don't want to give in to memes.

The History of Vietnam:
>Enslaved by China for 1000 years
>Vassalized by China for the next 1000 years
>Half the "native" dynasties were founded by Han Chinese immigrants
>Enslaved by Ming China
>During military "victories" the capital was destroyed and the main "strategy" was to hide in the mountains while the invaders suffered from heat, bugs and disease and eventually left
>Begged Qing China for help against France
>Colonized and enslaved by France
>Vietnamese were called "Annamites"
>No such thing as "Vietnamese culture"
>Literally invented nothing
>Pho was created by Chinese immigrants
>Eats rats and monkey brains
>Vietnamese "traditional" clothing isn't traditional or even indigenous
>"Vietnamese" alphabet and Vietnamese "calligraphy" are ugly
>Vietnamese language is ugly
>The epitome of Vietnamese culture is the rice hat
>Traditional Vietnamese dance is a rice hat dance
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Century of Humiliation

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How did China come back from this? Do you think the Chinese psyche and government wants revenge over it?
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