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I genuinelly don't get it. No matter how i look at it, nationalism is just arbitrary tribalistic mechanism, another tool to define outgroup, to define what young, unsatisfied, unemplyed men should love and what they should hate. We could as well be dividing our ingroup and outgroup based on who has the same first letter in their last name.

Will we eventually abandon nationality in the future? Maybe go back to the old times of empires and social order maintained by ideological authority rather than nationality?
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Why do Wog females love Germanic and more than their own?

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According to the statistics BBCs is the biggest followed by nordic white, while Meds are vary small like their sand dwelling counterparts,
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in old movies, they got spics to play italians and vice versa and nobody questioned it. Explain to me how meds are white.

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Evolution is fake

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Why did the Japanese ally with Hitler?
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What do they do now a days since the Cold War ended decades ago?
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Is he the most based anon /his/ has produced?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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Praise Yahya

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