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Arizona State University (1984), Indiana University Pa (1974) and Kaiser Wilhem Society (1886) core samples at Stonehenge Heelstone confirm Laurence Washington, Esq (1656) and Sir Laurence Washington, knight (1653) core samples at Stonehenge Helestone; gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, bone and concrete 1.2m (4ft) below Stonehole 96, and no Coal in cores.

What do your Heel Stone cores show?
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>Egyptians weren't black
>Most of the dead American natives died of disease
>Most of the dead natives in Leopold's Congo died of disease
>The "Christian Dark Ages" are a myth
>The Arabs were just as racist towards blacks as Europeans, if not more so
>Most black slaves were sold to Western powers by African leaders and mulatto princes
>The "religious" wars were mostly for socioeconomic reasons, with the framework of religion used as propaganda to motivate the war effort
>Hitler hated Christianity and wished that Europe had turned Muslim
>Almost all inventions, discoveries, and intellectual accomplishments since the Industrial Revolution have happened in western countries and most of those were done by white or Jewish European people
>Greek culture is much older than Sanskrit culture
>Arab science, mathematics and philosophy were heavily influenced by Greeks such as Aristotle, who they held in high regard
>Only 35,000 to 100,000 people were killed in the witch hunts, some of whom were men, and it had nothing to do with Christian suppression of some kind of feminist proto-Wicca
>The ideas of human rights, egalitarianism, and democracy were invented in the West
>Hannibal was a joke compared to Alexander
>Non-whites didn't play a big role in WW1 and they didn't serve in integrated units in the British Army
>Stalin, Khrushchev, and Zhukov all said that the USSR would have lost WWII without American and British materiel support
>Without Churchill the blacks protesting his statues would be working on plantations with shock collars around their necks and would be sent off to be gassed when they became to weak or hungry to work
>African civilisations that didn't even invent the wheel are not comparable to the Holy Roman Empire
>Without Greek intelligentsia such as Euclid, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle and Socrates we would still be in the Iron Age
>At the time of Galileo the Chinese still believed the Earth was flat
If you dislike any of these facts please go to /leftypol/
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Do you agree with this?
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/his/ memes

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Post /his/ memes
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Anyone got /His/ memes? I need to fill my vault.
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Ancient civilizations

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Is Graham Hancock right about the ancient civilizations that predate the ice age?
Pic is artist rendition of Göbekli Tepe
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Manchu women of the late Qing court and their Han Chinese eunuchs

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The Qing dynasty was ruled three Manchu women, Empress Dowager Ci'an, Empress Dowager Cixi and Emress Dowager Longyu from 1861-1912.

The last two Manchu Empress Dowagers, Princesses and female attendants commissioned these photos showing them with their Han Chinese eunuch slaves. All the boys and men in these photos were Han eunuchs and the women were mostly Manchu. Some of the named women were Empress Dowager Cixi, Empress Longyu, Fourth Princess (Yikuang, Prince Qing's daughter), Yuanda Nainai, Junshou, Rongling, Deling.

Qing dynastic law said that eunuchs must be Han (non-banner), palace maids must be Manchu or Mongol banner, while concubines and Empresses must be Manchu Mongol banner or Han Banner.

These Manchu Empress Dowagers began the practice of marrying their Han eunuchs to Manchu palace maids. Cixi married off Hešeri Ronger to a Han eunuch surnamed Liu as a present when Ronger turned 18 and there was another couple encountered by George Norbert Kates.
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Why is the concept of IQ so unpopular when people agree with the premise of intellectual differences? Has the well been poisoned?
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Why did humanity decide to keep such a dangerous and addictive drug legal?
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Why the fuck does anyone listen to this dude?

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He's literally just some Sociology BA who writes out his ass. Like wtf.
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