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The Fempocalypse

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So... Women are fishing for attention here by mentioning their gender at every opportunity. Some anons are calling themselves f*manons as bait. I say we join them. I'm a femanon, you're a femanon, we're all femanons here. Guys don't even exist here.
You see what I'm getting at little anon? If we're all female, nobody is female. It robs any foids of their opportunity for attention. Can't beat em, join em. Femanon up.
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Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.

happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning

so long space robots
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Uh shit guys I fucked up. I was jerking off and decided to put my jizz into the microwave but I left it in too long and burned the jizz and pantyhose. The who house fucking stinks and when my parents come home tommorow from vacation they are going to know I microwaved my jizz again. Last time this happened I had to go to counseling and they put me on Risperadal and I gained like 50 lbs. I really don't want to go back on medicine. How the fuck do I get rid of the smell it is in the carpets and sofa. It smells like burnt hair and plastic,.

Not my microwave but it looked like that
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>tfw even ghosted by femanons

Where does someone even go from here? I'm not into traps or guys. I'm in my physical prime too (23) so I'll only get worse looking from here. What the fuck is someone supposed to do at this point? Any anons experience this?
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Liquid diet: day 38

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Quit smoking, going for 6 mile walks everyday, counting calories. How's that weight loss coming along.
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Is there any solid proof that Ciara is no longer alive? I think not.
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idk what to make of my tinder expiriance, I sometimes (like once a month) match with girls that are like 5-7's and we talk and I usually say something dumb and turn them off but I never match with fatties or even really ugly girls, its weird, fatties are more picky than cute girls?


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Well /r9k/, I fucking blew it. I'm so humiliated and stunned that I can barely type. Today I woke up at 2 PM and went downstairs where mummy was reading in the next room, and I noticed a stack of papers. I saw it was my handwriting so I started sifting through it. At the very end of the stack I saw a picture I had drawn a year or two ago of a naked cat girl slave. It included a fucking creepily written bio about how she'd been kidnapped and trained and "hated mouth-breeding lots!" I think mummy and daddy saw it. There's no way they didn't see it. I went into the next room, shaking, and she didn't look up at me. How can I possibly proceed?
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I was one of Tahlia's best friends

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I have never posted on R9K before but since her nudes got leaked I was wondering if y'all saw her feet lol? I also doxed her originally. Yeah I guess I orbited her but she also did my homework for me, and would talk to me basically all day. She even stayed up past her bed time to talk to me at times. It wasn't romantic but I felt like posting this.
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>hop in, anon squish
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