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hunting for the truth on vox

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50$ venmo to anyone that can find the screenshots of Biancas mother talking about what Vox did to her. There was an album posted by ehlsd in the summer, 100$ for the full album 50$ for at least a cap. Theres a screenshot somewhere of Biancas mom talking about how Vox blackmailed someone into sending her photos and that she didn't know Bianca.
If this cannot be produced I will proceed to give my money to Vox instead
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any kinos for this feel?
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You must educate yourself young anon.

/Rei/ General

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Oh, no! Rei is running late for school: Day 420

What a wonderful day.
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Does anyone know what happened to that community?
I left back when the site ( had grown to a few thousand members and some drama had started about bitcoin and an usurpator or whatever.
What happened to the community since then? Can anyone give me a quick rundown? They're not on lain/arisuchan anymore, apparently.
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How many incels did she cuck so far and when she will stop?
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Have you taken the waifu pill, /r9k/? Which cute girl do you like the most?
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>fembots ree
>incels lmao
it should not matter who we are. we all are alone and suffering in our own ways. whether it be addictions, shitty parents, mental illness, coping with abuse, a whole number of things.
I think we should be kinder to each other and not so quick to bully, troll, harass or put down people here.
Thanks for reading I hope you heed my words. We are all fucked unless we help each other.

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Do fembots have nice asses?
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New BrendioEEE video

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Brendio talks about 'The Woman Problem'. Do his views stack up?
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