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Remembering Bianca - One Year Later

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My dear anons, it has now been just over a year since we lost Bianca to the other side. However, while she is no longer here with us in person, she will always be here with us in memory and in spirit.

So to keep her memory alive, I just wanted to make a thread so we could all remember her. I still miss her a lot and can't believe she was taken from us so soon. She was such a loving human being who just wanted to make other people happy and unfortunately some guy with anger issues took her from us.

And yeah before anyone comes in here and says "she did this" or "she did that" yes I know she wasn't perfect however guess what? None of us are perfect. I can guarantee basically 100% of people reading this either have or had issues. Doesn't mean any of us deserve to die for them and neither did she. In fact Bianca was such an inspiration to me. Despite all her issues she always tried so hard to overcome them and become a better person. She taught me what courage was because she embraced life instead of running away from it. Before she was murdered she was planning to go study more so she could help other people with issues as well. She was so amazing in how she kept trying to move forward in life no matter what and she could of done so much good in the world if only she had lived. But alas, now she's gone too soon.

So my fellow anons... please remember her and her family & friends in your prayers today/tonight or if you don't pray you can take a minute of silence to remember her or light a candle for her instead. And if anyone wants to share any positive stories about her that would be cool to. She may have been taken from us too soon yet together we can all make sure she's never forgotten.

Take care Bianca and we'll always remember you.
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bianca devins is unironically the most attractive girl to ever step foot onto this board
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I'm a pedophile. I wish I could talk more freely about that. I wish more people would be aware of the fact that no one becomes a pedophile by choice and a lot of pedophiles aren't interested in having sex with actual children. I wish I lived in a world where pedophilia would be more treated like a mental illness and people were more understanding about what it's like to live with it.

This is not the world we live in. Pedophiles are viewed as literal monsters by a majority of people. They think we deserve to die, pain and/or prison even if they know that many us never had sex with children nor we intend to. They put us all into one box and proudly harass us, wanting to make us feel bad. And the worst thing is that they feel morally superior when they do this. Because we are the undoubtful monsters and they are the heroes who are protecting their children.

This is classic NPC behavior. Fucking hive mind mentality, not thinking logically but instead thinking with emotions based on what they think they know about pedophilia. These are the same people that would have believed every word that hitler said and that Jews undoubtfully deserved death.

I don't want to put myself into a victim role here. It's just extremely difficult for me to deal with that problem because if anyone finds out its huge damage on my reputation. I have a hard time finding help or just someone to talk to about it in the first place because of this. And it sounds weird but being stuck in such a villain role kinda makes it hard to sympathize the fact that pedophilia is bad. Whenever i see these twitter npcs harrassing nomaps i can't help but think "is pedophilia really that bad, or are people just incredibly delusional". It's hard to find a non pedo to talk about this topic objectively to come to helpful conclusions.

So yeah sorry for the blogpost. Just wanted to know if some of you can relate and how you should deal with this.
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Tahlia Lesbian Catholic Thread

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Brendino thinks that tahlia is a virgin just because she has a hymen. but little did he know tahlia lost it while at an all girls catholic highschool.

what else do you think she did there?
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letter thead
no discord drama pls

write letters to people who won't read them
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Beautiful junkie ciara
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>tfw no WCG bf (real)
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We did it, we harassed Tahlia enough that she turned into a radfem and stopped pickme posting for good.
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Tahlia sextape allegations

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Someone gave me this picture of brendioeee's (tahlias boyfriend) doxx. Not gonna show it fully incase mods delete or its against the rules. Anyway, one part of the doxx page brings a very wild and big if true accusation where apparently there's some sort of sex tape or video around of Tahlia. (Pic related).

Does anyone have the video in question?
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Is it true that Tahlia doxxed Brendio and leaked her own discord DMs too?
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