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Is it true that Tahlia doxxed Brendio and leaked her own discord DMs too?
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Do you have a dream? If not, what do you live for.
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Bridget in her true disgusting goblin form.
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She's dead

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I can't disclose how I know without saying too much, I know you won't believe me. But she's definitely gone
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Hey fagbots what do you think a day in the life of a girl this pretty and innocent is like?
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Is Tahlia ever going to be okay?
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Ciara was before my time on /r9k/ but she is now my waifu. Did she really post here? What was she like?
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If you had qt gf, what movie would you like to introduce her to?
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/waifu/ - Waifu General #379

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Love for waifu edition!

1. Be respectful of everyone's waifus/husbandos!
2. Let waifuism improve your life!
3. Be nice!
4. Hide Drama/Shitposting
5. Have a great time!

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Dubs decides if my end of semester 10 page essay will actually be corrected after handing it two weeks late or if they're gonna ass rape me.