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heloooo everyone~

are rich mommy gfs popular? I don't mind adopting a neet when I finish my degree since I probably will make good bucks (starting salary 4k in germany) but I actually don't want the neet to continue being neet but to get a job, go to college etc. and have a independent life without me v_v

Will a househusband neet do their duties too? I have low levels of OCD so if things aren't clean or look right I sperg out v_v
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happy birthday

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happy bday Elliot!
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Do girls like guy butts? For some reason I get very turned on by the idea of a girl touching and slapping my ass
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last edition

What are you fucked up on today, anons?
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tfw no serial killer bf who is willing to travel to the netherlands
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Still no Muslima gf :(
Feels bad bros
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>tfw Thundy gets caught cheating on Miyako with a 15 year old tranny
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i want a paypig you fucking cuckold loser bitches

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im a pretty girl i wear thigh highs and i stomp balls someone venmo me money or add me on d!scord idk :)))) hehe
i wanna buy platform shoes.
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/orbiting general/

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anon its time, tell me whats the best girl orbit!
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I have a garden. Never mind what's in it. Not your business. Fuck you.

Now that I'm done with my faggoty little life story, here's the point: I've got a rabbit problem. That insufferable little nigger thinks it can eat my shit.

Revenge time.

It's not hard to trap a rabbit. You get a cage that shuts when the brainless little shit wanders into it for a snack. What's hard as fuck is to figure out what that rabbit cares about.

I waited up for it. It came out a a little past midnight and I was careful not to scare it. Go ahead! Chew that shit up! Hop on home at your leisure! You'll see what happens.

I followed it. It got away from me 4 times on 4 nights before I found its home... and its wife or whatever rabbits have.

Two cages, two rabbits. First night. Easy. Stupid motherfuckers.

Those rabbits were not happy. They didn't like being caged. I kept them warm and safe though and even bought them rabbit food... and another rabbit. A male rabbit.

I asked the girl at the store if there was one that stuck out as being dominant -- the jerk of the group. A rabbit alpha.

When I threw that hulking, ill-mannered, floppy-eared pet-store reject in with that bastard rabbit's beloved and he had to watch her precious little bunny puss hole get stuffed again and again by the biggest, baddest tough-guy jerkoff of a rabbit that I could find, it made him jump and chew his cage and freak out like only desperate jealousy could.

I kept them. He had to watch them have babies. 3 litters, before I decided enough was enough.

Take that, you little faggot.
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